15 Minutes Of Game – Steroids And Flair

I’ve watched a lot of Big Mouth this last week. Other than the fact that i was testing games while watching it, that statement has no relevance to this weeks games. I just think it’s a great show and i wanted you to know that. This week has a very slow paced, zen feeling to it. Games that just put us in that right kind of place. From slaughtering the human race to pruning a tree, let’s all let out one long “Mariska Hargitay” and play this week’s 15 Minutes Of Game. (Links below)

For Effect, this article could be read in your head in the voice of Jeff Bridges. Or Jeff Goldbloom.  Player’s Choice.  

Prune – Joel McDonald – $3.99


Fuck, I love this game. Prune a tree…that’s all you have to do. Something we hate doing in real life we are doing to calm down. The music, the sound effects, the lighting, everything about this game lures you in. Joel McDonald did a fantastic job, nuff said. A tree gets planted in a dark spot and your job is to prune branches back to help other branches grow until it reaches the sunlight and blooms. One thing i love is that when the level is over, you don’t have to exit. If you like how a tree is turning out, you can zoom right back in and keep going. Is there even a point system in this game? I don’t know, i haven’t checked yet. This is fantastic for a stressful day.

Office Space: Idle Profits – Ultrabit – free

Office Space

If you love Michael Bolton’s music, you need this game. The design of this game has a fantastic feel to it, from the red staplers to the broken printers. Don’t jump to conclusions though. For an idle tap game, i actually had a hard time putting this down. The viewpoint on the floors changes as you scroll through and it’s a nice little bit of flair they added to the game. Collect your TPS reports and burn down the building to start off with a bonus to rise up the ranks even faster. I spent quite a few short breaks playing this game and enjoyed every minute.

Flow Free – Big Duck Games LLC – free

Flow Free

Flow Free is a deceptively simple puzzle game. Connect each dot with the dot of the same color. There is no music to accompany the game, however the sound effects match the sounds of a longer bathroom break. This one you really can blame on the game. I absolutely love how challenging the levels become, with almost endless levels to go through. Take the few minutes that you have to spare and lose yourself in this peaceful puzzle game.

Plague Inc – Ndemic Creations – $.99


Most people have heard of this game already. If you forgot this gem existed, or if you have never heard of it, let me tell you about Plague Inc. In this real life learning simulation, you are a virus and infect one person. In real time, evolve yourself to include more methods of transmission, more symptoms, and more resistance to elements and antibiotics. There is strategy required to win, and fine tuning your own strategy is a joy. I love the hilarious news taglines that scroll through the top making fun of our society. You only have limited DNA points to evolve, so make your decisions wisely.

Baseball Boy – Voodoo – free 

Baseball Boy

Baseball Boy is a fresh take on home run derby style games. The main character is a young boy crushing baseballs pitched from the void over your front fence. The frustration of hitting cars, trees, and buildings is subsided when the dial stops perfectly on a “Perfect” hit. Before long, this pre-teen is making Barry Bonds look like…well…like a pre-teen. Bats are automatically upgraded as you gain levels, while additional balls and characters must be purchased with earned gems. The graphics are old school and the goal is simplistic, which i enjoy. It is a good time waster.


Click if you want to:

Prune a tree.

Smash a printer.

Go with the Flow.

Cripple the human race.

Hit some powerful balls.

Open wide and laugh at your past.

That’s it for this week.  I hope you enjoyed this list and enjoy these games as well. Have a good rest of your week and don’t forget to take a little time for yourself.