NYCC Updates: Daredevil Season 3 Trailer Drops

This morning at New York Comic-Con, Daredevil Season 3 trailer was released upon the hungry masses, and boy is it gorgeous.

Chock full of the series’ signature brooding and red shading and props – just in case you forget the titular character wears a red jumpsuit– the trailer hints at more of what all of us Daredevil fans have come to expect.

Brutal combat, fantastic writing, and, of course, a presumably one-shot hallway fight all make their appearances in one of the more exciting Netflix trailers we’ve seen in a while. We also receive more insight into the main conflict, which looks to be a welcome step away from the fantastical battles against the Hand that we were subject to in season 2.

As expected, Fisk – played by the brilliant Vincent D’onofrio – makes his much-anticipated return as the primary antagonist. Having been released from prison and thrust back into a seemingly prominent role among the Hell’s Kitchen Elite, he immediately returns to what he does best: making poor Matt Murdock’s life a living hell.

This time, however, he comes prepared; not with an ancient mystical group of ninjas from K’un-Lun, but a mysterious anti-Daredevil set to turn the world against our hero. This new villain-in-a-Daredevil-suit – widely suspected to be Bullseye, played by Wilson Bethel – begins wreaking havoc on the subjects of Hells Kitchen, all while Fisk declares Daredevil “our new public enemy. Needless to say, it will be up to Matt Murdock to set the record straight, and bring about the downfall of Fisk once more.

After the somewhat of a slog that phase two of the Marvel TV-Verse has been, my excitement’s shine has certainly lost its luster (though season 2 of Iron Fist was certainly a pleasant surprise). However, Daredevil has proven to be the most consistent of Marvel’s Netflix series, and the return of  Fisk – easily the most engaging and interesting villain Marvel has put on-screen so far – should make series 3 must watch television. I only hope that the character, pacing, and tone inconsistencies on display in the other series follow ups don’t worm their way into what has become Marvel’s last golden child standing on Netflix. Only time will tell, but this early trailer certainly hints at good times aplenty.