Toy Review: Toynk’s Resident Evil Collectibles

It’s Halloween season, and if you have a Resident Evil costume planned, Toynk has you covered. Unfortunately, that’s about all these are good for, and even for those purposes they fall short.

Toynk has two exclusive collectible sets for Resident Evil available. One with the two iconic vials from the first Resident Evil film, and one with three virus vials from the second Resident Evil film.

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Both arrive in tins that are more used to storing grandma’s cookies than nerdy memorabilia.

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Once you open the flimsy tins, you’re greeted by the movie props you came for. Except everything about these feels cheap.

The spiral virus/antidote vials are light, and made entirely of plastic. Do they look neat? Sure, But who would spend $57 on neat looking plastic? Oh, had I not mentioned that? That’s right. The two vial set costs 57 dollars.

The three vial kit is at least glass, and comes in at a more reasonable (by that I mean not reasonable at all) $37. That’s still $37 for water with food coloring in generic glass tinctures with an Umbrella Corp logo slapped on them.

Now, maybe I’m not looking at this from a superfan perspective, and undoubtedly someone out there is going to go rabid for these, but at these price points, they just aren’t worth it to me.

If neither cost nor quality are concerns of yours, you can grab the three vial kit and the two vial kit exclusively at Toynk’s website.

Full Disclosure: The products in this article were provided to Topless Robot by Toynk toys for review purposes.