15 Minutes Of Game – Crafts And Crafts And Crafts And…

After taking a week off for finals, I’m back to finding the quick play games out there. This year has absolutely flown by. Christmas is in 6 days for Christ’s sake (I believe that’s Episcopalian-friendly?). Still waiting on the snow. Now that the year is winding down and we are all beginning break. Or still slaving at work waiting for the extra day(s) off. I will be playing crafting games next week and I challenged myself this week to try to find games that hardly anyone has played yet. I feel i succeeded with a few of these.


Doona – JunHak Kim – free









Starting off this week is Doona, a great rogue-like game. Crafting is key as you work through the stages. Each stage is semi-randomly generated creating a fresh experience for each play through. The people in the town serve different purposes, although i haven’t figured out how to see what each person’s purpose is. Spears and Bows are king for me running down baddies. Doona is incredibly fun and engaging.


Tap Smiths – Tiny Titan Studios – free

Tap Smiths





Have you always wanted to craft armor and weapons while on the John? Lucky for you there’s Tap Smiths to help you out. This isn’t a normal tap game, you need to remember patterns to unlock new blueprints. Alternating sides while crafting builds your multiplier, but messing up will make you start all over. If you’re looking for a change, you can play as a number of fan favorite characters.


Dawn Of Crafting – Goktug Yilmaz – free

Dawn Of Crafting








Dawn Of Crafting is endless crafting fun. Keeping yourself and your minion fed can be tedious at times, particularly if you’re crafting a lot of weapons or containers. The crafting combinations are pretty intuitive making crafting feel natural. There’s a balance to this game that makes it incredibly fun if you keep that balance. If you fail however, you’ll be eating unpeeled bananas and raw eggplant for minimal gain.


Stretch Dungeon – Nitrome – free

Stretch Dungeon








This game is just as challenging as it is fun. Hell, this game is downright hard. You are going to die quite often. It’s challenging to dodge knives and spikes while tapping and holding to make the right moves happen. Tap to try to push yourself to the other side of the wall. Let the walls hold you up out of danger’s reach. Stretch Dungeon is a great way to pass some time.


JoinDispatch – Kyle McCullough – free









JoinDispatch is an entertaining take on a simulation game. Take incoming 911 calls and decide what action you should take. Make the right decisions to save someones life. If you make the wrong decision the game may subtly mock you. Make a terrible decision and it will mock you a lot less subtly. The witty dialogue makes this game all the more fun. Save a life today.