Letter from the Editor: Auld Nerd Syne

Well, you’ve all made it through another year. A year filled with ups and downs that I’m sure rivaled years previous for each and every one of you. Good on you for hanging on. Good on all of us for continuing despite our personal battles.

This year saw the reinvention of Topless Robot, and a new job for me steering this outstanding new ship, S.S. Topless Robot. We’ve only been back a couple of months, so there’s not much to reflect on just yet, but I’d like to take a moment to talk a bit about where we’re going.

We have several new video and audio projects in the works, including Mega Dan BrooX, where my podcast compatriots will be playing through all of the Mega Man X games, a new scripted fiction podcast called Cosmic Love all about a futuristic sex-positive relationship radio show on Pleasuresphere 64, written by the very talented Amy Thorstenson, and we’ll be taking on more contributors to keep the written content flowing. I’m really excited to share all of these new things with all of you!

2018 has been a whirlwind for me personally. One of the most exciting changes in my life was taking on the role of editor here at Topless Robot. I want to thank each of you for giving me a chance in this new position, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve made so far. We’re continuing to find and evolve our voice, and I’m very proud of the direction we’re heading. With my incredible team behind me and our incredible audience, 2019 will certainly be the year of the robot!

Happy New Year!