Yuppie Psycho PREVIEW: Synergizing Horror

Today’s preview zeroes in on Yuppie Psycho: the sophomore effort from Baroque Decay. Prefer to watch our 2 Headed Hero impressions? Click the video link above, or check out our channel here!

Yuppie Psycho: Synergizing Horror

With barely a whisper, a playable demo for a creative new horror game crept into the code of its predecessor.

The Count Lucanor was released by the small European development team Baroque Decay in 2016, and is regarded as a cult favorite for lovers of lo-fi horror. Baroque’s sophmore effort, Yuppie Psycho, looks to follow up the gameplay of Lucanor with its own special brand of 80s-influenced corporate terror.

soul_copy yuppie psycho

I’ll copy your soullllll!

Previously Pixelated Panic



The link to the demo is available only to current owners of The Count Lucanor.

For those unfamiliar, The Count Lucanor is a survival horror experience that sticks to a top-down style reminiscent of the 16-bit RPG hits of the 90s. Gameplay is comprised of escape sequences, conversations, exploration, and mild inventory puzzling. All of these are occasionally punctuated by strikingly beautiful – and occasionally horrifying – pixel art cutscenes. It’s an enjoyable and sufficiently creepy 4-to-6 hour experience that earns its modest price tag.

count lucanor
A link to the demo for Yuppie Psycho was stealthily shoved onto The Count Lucanor’s main menu on February 27th. Following that link launches a fairly meaty thirty-odd-minute preview of the new game. At this time, it appears that the only way to access this preview is to own a copy of the prior game on Steam.

Leave Them Wanting More

robolady yuppie psycho

Mickey Mouse Club, circa 1983.

Judging by Yuppie Psycho’s introductory chapters, the new game shares several clear similarities. Twisted horrors chase you through claustrophobic cubicles. Macabre scenes provide a stark buildup. The game often seems to blur lines between reality and fantasy. Although we only get a taste of the full offering,  this morsel tempts the the player further into wondering about the truth behind Yuppie Psycho’s characters and events. There’s sly nods to classic horror and scifi fictions such as American Psycho, Tetsuo the Iron Man, and Neuromancer. Awkward comedic beats serve to unnerve the player further.

contract yuppie psycho

Do you dare to sign the contract?

is there something supernatural happening at Sintracorp? Is the company held hostage by a runaway computer program? Or are these events only an insane delusion taking place within Brian’s mind? This preview of Yuppie Psycho is an effective hook for fans of indie horror, and we’re both anticipating the game’s full release on April 25th.