Cosmic Love: Episode 10 – The Penthouse Suite

Voices by Katie Self, Brian Donovan, Clayton Snyder, Amy Thorstenson, Vincent Burnard, and Ryan Schremp.

Theme song by members of Sparklef*ck.

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( “The Complex,” “Devastation and Revenge,” “All This,” “Mechanolith,” “Discovery Hit,” “Lost Frontier,” “Promises To Keep,” “Black Vortex,” “At Launch,” “Procession of the King.” Additional music by Canton Becker: “Canton Lujon Remix.”

Sound effects from (“end radio transmission” by ReadeOnly, “robot chat” by harri, “high heels walking” by rivernile7, “highheels run” by sturmankin, “walking on wood” by philter137, “space gun shoot” by afirlam, “laser shot” by semagnum, “phone 1952 bakelite looped” by spleencast, “handcuffs taken out and closed” by daboy291, “bell natural” by harleto, “footsteps wood” by fewes, “marching boots” by klankbeeld, “whip cracks” by cgeffex, “struggle between two people” by gpenn76, “heavy impacts” by richerlandtv, “early video game-ish fire” by timbre, “metal on wood” by sir-smith, “cat howling” by zabuhailo, “rbh household closet” by rhumphries, “shovel13” by wim, “explosion-001” by cydon, “small explosion” by benjaminharveydesign, “glass break” by unfa, “door pounding increasing intensity” by jhumbucker, “cat meowing” by theshaggyfreak, “body fall” by celticvalkyria.) Additional sounds from (“Door Vault,” “8bit up” and “Beetle Bug Legs”).