Cosmic Love: Season 2 Episode 2 – Just So Many Dogs

Wherein a caller finds something horrible behind little Jimmy’s clarinet trophy and Madam Xandra has her own way of helping.
Written, directed and edited by Amy Thorstenson
Featuring the vocal talents of:
Katie Self as Madam Xandra
Chad Eschman as Chip Chetford-Braddingly
Katie Pelensky as Eddy
Kimberly Alexander as Mrs. Drupeld Vapurm
Sam Manual as Nebula Jim
Ryan Schremp as Ad Voice
Amy Thorstenson as Ad Voice

Cosmic Love and The Freedom And Family Values Hour theme songs by Casey Bushmaker

Other music from Kevin MacLeod ( The Show Must Be Go, Teddy Bear Waltz, Life of Riley, Tango de Manzana, Heavy Heart, and Super Power Cool Dude. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0. Additional music by Canton Becker (Gourd Travel).

Sound effects from 47626_readeonly_end-radio-transmission, 14259_harri_robot-chat, 218316_splicesound_wooden-chair-push-in-pull-out, 348749_scriotxstudios_running-in-high-heels-on-tile, 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot, 006141527-futuristic-air-compression-door, and 424600_daniela-santos_high-heels_1.