Topless Robot Podcast: #106 – 2 Years of TRP

Our first episode debuted on September 27th 2018! We’ve come a long way since then!
We do end up mostly talking about the bethesda sale and xbox pre-orders, though.


Automatically Generated Transcript

topless robot dot com presents do you lose the printer still hosted man what the fuck %HESITATION that’s going everybody welcome to episode one hundred and six of the topless robot podcast my name is Ryan well I’m Kalin chat I’m broke I did we we trying to solve J. like cut in line there is I think that was the highest in the order I’ve ever gone I was like you’ve got away deliver what else is that it but I thought I’m only upset because you didn’t you didn’t try to be right someone else you guys were lagging just one week someone else does the intro and I’m like what is she it media it is there was one time I took it from you and that’s because you’re all making fart noises in your mind yeah and to talk about because it is our two year anniversary we have been doing this every week for two years I would make the fart noises with my mouth right now but my beard always gets in the way so that’s a hundred and ten let’s not two years would be yeah I mean technically it should be a hundred and four episodes because there’s fifty two weeks earlier other fifty six weeks in your well I G. to wait so we talk about twenty one there’s fifty two weeks a year it’s not that these companies do grow now there’s twenty six pay periods in the year hi my name wow I just live in a live yeah I don’t know why Abbott said a hundred and four wasn’t our two year anniversary but %HESITATION I looked at the post date of our first episode and it was September twenty seventh which is the same date as today and that’s when we were releasing episodes on Thursdays I think mother’s day and a half yeah I think the overall theme of our general incompetence yeah cool we’re getting our time you should give every episode a random number right right at the mall it’s too much work for a joke I don’t know man I mean we we need we need we need to have a sense sixty nine nice so true that’s true %HESITATION but I suppose we should probably talk about the biggest news this week %HESITATION which is Microsoft buying is Animax yeah and I’m curious about the fallout of that it’s going to happen from the steel the fallout I I mean you know that companies just gonna spiral into oblivion let’s talk about the good for a second that means for the first time obsidian and %HESITATION Bethesda are under the same umbrella so new Vegas too is a possibility doubt it they should bring new Vegas to the switch yes I’m the bad we’ve got further a conglomeration of triple a games studios it’s all world building for cyber punk twenty seventy seven anyway you know like he’s got a delayed a few more months it could be you know good it I mean I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying I was gonna say could be good added resources for Bethesda Bethesda is already a fucking behemoth and this Animax already practiced really shitty business practices as I’ve talked about numerous times on the podcast before in trying to force smaller studios into acquisition why now my Donald trump’s brother on the board of directors of %HESITATION Cinemax one that died right yeah yeah wronged you dad so I mean it’s pretty damn lab in awhile the card %HESITATION it could be good who knows yeah and it did it just speaks to Microsoft’s gold in it like it seems like they’re pushing for the studio acquisitions %HESITATION almost expressly to build out the library that’s ultimately going to be on game pass and they’re really kind of game pass subscription it’s gonna go to sky room every month explodes John Howard wins again everyone is guy remember reminds %HESITATION soon on my skin town Howard are gonna join forces and make microchips in plain our brain so we can always place Guyer all the time just yeah even when you want to stop with with that fucking microchip that Yann musk is making every morning when you wake up it’s the wake up scene in the beginning of Skyrim could you that is one step closer to literally turning my life into a ship pose so of course you’re all for yeah yeah yeah there is no life only Skyrim %HESITATION and I don’t know if you guys have heard this one %HESITATION I stumbled across it’s almost certainly one hundred percent bullshit but there is a conspiracy theory that Microsoft is aiming to buy second next %HESITATION I saw that they had %HESITATION for the game’s con in Japan they had to like say we’re not making any acquisition news because everyone was like talking about it that’s funny yeah so having met Michael’s been buying up developers but you’re right you have to understand the reasoning right so this is the internet good looking too hard at Microsoft sweets oh no yeah even look looking at something a little too hard but I don’t believe that Sir Cecil like Michael yeah I know Microsoft %HESITATION tweeted out a picture of %HESITATION %HESITATION blue controller because you can do all the customized you know %HESITATION colors and stuff through their shop and they said something it was like something along the lines of %HESITATION still iconic no like still like sonic for fuck’s sake and they did a swatch match on the color of blue of that controller they tweeted and it’s a match for the color blue that’s used in the Sega logo I and during a recent Microsoft press conference someone was wearing a sonic the hedgehog shirt wow it’s not like you know people just don’t like sonic or anything like that sonics well yes he was from Microsoft bottom it is a it is a very weak argument yeah I’m one’s going to buy stake it’s gonna be Nintendo’s for that ultimate final flex yeah right it’s like sync is not like a super huge name in the west anymore I know it’s like a household name in Japan like I say you didn’t really lose a lot of Japanese popularity I guess I bought it late are they just if they did that really just trying to get like into the Japanese audience so that’s kind of what I was thinking the reason that it would be a legitimate smart move is because Xbox doesn’t hold any clout still today in Japan yeah so you’re looking to buy that clout maybe and when you either you say it’s what you got to remember Sony I am Tony I it’s not just they don’t hold much that doesn’t hold cloud like Xbox is are hard to push in Japan yeah they do not it’s because so what are what are the most popular Japanese games in any number of JRPGs and monster hunter none of which have graced Xbox ever they’ve made some attempts at at bringing J. RPGs over to the %HESITATION to Xbox and they were not good games the exception of maybe internal sonata our lost Odyssey yeah so they don’t push games that our system movers in Japan so they’d have no pop popularity in Japan Microsoft is hard for the fuckin S. T. S. American brothers audience you know yeah this is how it is yeah yeah and that audience like it didn’t even exist until the original Xbox came around and then you had a whole bunch of halo brows meanwhile like me I’m like I remember when halo was originally slated for the apple you know for mac and then eventually was going to come out on PC while all my friends and I were playing unreal tournament lan parties you know like yes okay time to go to bed now Ryan white at the time it was like you know we were seen screenshots of in dot net I’ve talked about this story with plenty of times they like seeing screenshots of halo %HESITATION where you could like beyond the wart hog and a friend could be driving offering could be shooting and shit like that was like that’s fucking rad and it looked rad and then they delayed it because they decided it was going to be Xbox so changed systems three times hi and by the time it came out on Xbox PC gamers already had an unreal tournament that had with that feature which was the main reason to want to play halo for us back then so I was like fuck it now and then expects came out Ms %HESITATION like an Intel processor with an nvidia graphics card this is just a computer I’m not interested yes yeah I don’t think about that because I was like you know ten for the big green man should go yeah %HESITATION looks like Burchard troopers you can H. yourself immediately by starting that sentence out whether the whole thing out west it was on the apple owns two funny green men who shoot guns it was and it was back when it was back when union guy mac when mac was trying to establish themselves as a viable gaming platform %HESITATION because %HESITATION around the same time that actually %HESITATION a little while after that halo was originally shown off to be you know for mac doom three was shown off exclusively on JI for hardware on Macintosh G. for hardware hardware so mac would like Macintosh was trying to buy in real hard on partners to show them at themselves as a viable gaming option back then and the rest is history yep they did not succeed in doing so well maybe someday I want the next box again the first one the whole reason the only reason that I never want to go ahead the only reason I ever went to the first one was because the jet set radio future I fell in love with that game on Dreamcast and win you know it was coming out on Xbox that’s literally the only reason I ever owned an Xbox was for jet set radio future that was the start of titles you are I think I remember getting that with C. H. U. two two thousand two yeah they did a bundle pack like a two pack yeah %HESITATION that would make it stop by Sigur we get new jet set radio man I don’t think anything’s going to get us new jet set radio I don’t understand the concept of love okay thirty if we getting that anyway we’re getting that spiritual successor that they even got the same composer for so that’s what you got to look forward to I’m stoked on that for sure %HESITATION yes so %HESITATION game has ultimate is already a great deal of %HESITATION you know fifteen Bucks a month and you get access on PC and on Xbox two twenty games and they’re good games and the ones that are through Microsoft partner studios are available day one on game pass so like I watched Dan like last time Dan was over a few weeks ago I watched him just play through Battletoads from beginning to end to like the day after battles going down I’m sorry Brooks would you like me to ask instead yeah I turned in the box okay once just once I didn’t feel like using my hand so while we I I I think it’s ultimately good for Microsoft obviously and could translate to good for the consumer because it’s just going to pad out game pass it also makes you have more reason to Xbox I guess one of the biggest complaints that people have with text boxes library is set there are a lot of exclusives so now they can open up a window down there being more exclusives so that’s kind of my concern is whether everything that so like what does that mean that the next doom is going to be an Xbox exclusive I hope not okay so all the big titles are all the companies that came with the the Max umbrella the only games that are slated for any sort of release in the next three years are already contractually PlayStation exclusives like that little band %HESITATION there’s another one yeah I am but they have to send a reminder that death loop %HESITATION exclusivity so yeah so I mean elder scrolls and star for the older than ever the fuck it is yeah you will for years I have yeah so like it’s a long it’s a long play but I don’t besides getting some all those things all those old games on game pass you know unlimited access it’s not going to pay out for a while I would imagine yeah probably %HESITATION it’s an yeah I I just don’t know how to feel about it I really don’t matter reeks of desperation at the core of it in a like I said at the top it’s you know fucking conglomerate it it’s it would couldn’t make a conglomerate mail kind of thing it is it is the dystopian future of the illusion of choice single owner you know shit like I I don’t know how I feel about that and it further you know what as if I had already been like super driven towards indie games for the past consisting of several years already like this pretty much just assures that I’m way more indie game than triple a it’s gonna be great finally make the transition and the cyber punk to still be able have all the crippling debt buying everything from one company but we won’t have any cool our blades so published and make that happen I’m just saying one single screen inviting anytime we want but we won’t actually own anything yeah but it’s kind of out already if technically known anything right now we own license regular your licensing every game that you all would Microsoft has allowed me to violate the terms and agreements on my body and occasionally have to cookies speaking of super duper mega corporation and putting games into your brain Amazon just announced a new US based Nova who’s excited for that I signed up to access it I signed up to try it out hi Kelly Ryan I have to drive I have to try everything that’s just not even a surprise of this for when the last time you dusted up at stadia a couple weeks ago because I have the controller for it I just haven’t been doing anything that’s on %HESITATION stadia lately my focus has shifted %HESITATION actually in recent days my focus has shifted to reading what %HESITATION see I mean the way you wear reading glasses I do not hi here’s if you can’t see yeah right increases the size of the tax on his kindle so you can see the you such incidents like little work on because if I do this all I see is splashes of color then I cease to be cool so yeah %HESITATION I got the kindle paperwhite %HESITATION through a website called unclaimed baggage and it’s like they buy in bulk from %HESITATION airports %HESITATION and %HESITATION from the you know lost stuff in and refurbishing basically clean up really nice is like forty Bucks really decent little thing so I hate to read I was on the website earlier this week where he sent us the link and then there’s some neat stuff there I I I immediately went to the unusual items section of course there was you know of course this do you clean the flashlight claim to do those I’m willing like there’s gotta be right like there’s gotta be if you lose your dildo Mike somehow on a trip like are you Austin found for it thanks truckers like like put legs don’t hold friends their trucks and stuff like that yeah like what is the airport terminal guys like Tyler dildos they arts %HESITATION that the Darling and what room thirty four %HESITATION in the absence of %HESITATION but don’t you get the air horn that was good I’ll take it anyway yeah I immediately downloaded %HESITATION but like all the books that my friends have written because apparently several my friends have become fairly accomplished authors of for the past couple of decades are your friends the guy wrote the phone book now he’s actually friends of the fortune cookie too %HESITATION my friend %HESITATION Melissa Filipino released her book %HESITATION tomboy land which is a series of essays that’s actually very good %HESITATION like really quite good %HESITATION she’s always been a bit of a tomboy a and %HESITATION %HESITATION talks very candidly about like her kind of struggling with her own identity and her own sexual identity and things like that and growing up so %HESITATION it’s %HESITATION collection of essays and growing up in the Midwest and not really knowing what you are and %HESITATION kind of dealing with the assumptions of other people and being you know misgendered as Sir because you’re a tomboy even though she’s sis you know and and %HESITATION yeah it’s it’s a really good read %HESITATION he sent me a link to that yeah my another friend from high school %HESITATION petty Templeton wrote %HESITATION in American horror story called there is no lovely and %HESITATION which I’m really looking forward to getting into %HESITATION and %HESITATION a friend of mine %HESITATION Serret tada should %HESITATION in wrote a young adult books called it a dead mall that I’m looking forward to diving into because I used to love the shit like I used to eat up shit like goose bumps and you know aliens eight my teacher or whatever the fuck that series was in yeah stories away inside school yeah so I really looking forward to seeing what Serra came up with since you’re talking about books now I have to talk about something that you talk about so the computer part saying for the other computer thing did the computer thing and now the computer part do you know I played and I put it away immediate I did order it twelve terabyte hard drives and installed a twelve terabyte hard drive in my new computer nice I know what of which I big love which I currently have six terabytes free I I installed it several days ago and I’ve already filled it halfway up hell yeah so to make a make armor out of all of the all of the old hard drives that you have I need this June I’ll just I know the building is this guy who put old like computer parts on its like leather jacket as soon as you see my punk shows every now and then they’re kind of cool that’s rad that’s very sharp computer internals that it was like like kind of bigger pieces and things were sanded down so they were more okay just allow I’m just like a matching some dude running around with like a bagel C. R. T. like well thirty two core four point eight gigahertz someone’s compensating for something our drive in the streets hard drive in the sheet the problem probably it’s hard drive in the streets software in the streets it is it’s that’s what I just said so the %HESITATION expects St anyway go ahead we expect series acts %HESITATION pre orders went up on Tuesday and we’re almost but not quite as much of a shit show as the PlayStation five pre orders if not more they say should be ordered I did of course yeah %HESITATION I enjoy %HESITATION I was worried about it because %HESITATION I decided to go the all access pass route so that means that my checkout process would have to have an extra step so when everyone’s trying to go once I was wondering if I was going to get through it all because that extra step is a credit check so %HESITATION but fortunately I ended up getting through on on a gamestop gamestop since this was planned and this was scheduled ahead of time they actually had a queuing system on their website wow wait actually planning your %HESITATION your pre order what is what is that what’s not just a bunch of people in line at a mall somewhere and let the clock at night it did not actually work very well at nine AM but if you go if you went to gamestop dot com on Tuesday it would say it would it was a flat image it said you are in line do not refresh this page and then after a while it would be it %HESITATION refresh to the actual website but it was still slow as fuck and I had to submit my %HESITATION credit application several times before actually getting to go through and and getting approved but %HESITATION yeah forty eight Bucks a month I think thirty eight Bucks a month she likes and so you don to pay down a a lump sum at all %HESITATION I mean technically I do I’m the total finance cost comes out to nine hundred and thirty something dollars because it is of the Xbox series axe which is five hundred and then two years of %HESITATION game pass ultimate %HESITATION yeah and so the two together actually come out to be about nine hundred and fifty dollars so there’s no finance charge in that or anything it’s I’m gonna be paying for game pass all the math for two years I have for the past two why I why would that stop now so affected we I’m paying eighteen dollars a month for an Xbox series acts thanks yeah I didn’t get a PlayStation and I’m sad I sat there after they announced G. P. S. five second great wave of pre orders on gamestop on Friday announced Thursday it will have some new ones on Friday so nine o’clock here and I’m like okay maybe it’s gonna be twelve eastern when they make it available and I check it might not not there yet so then like pretty much every half an hour I just like refreshing on this fucking say and then the next morning comes along and they do the queue saying I’m like yes I got him in the queue great and then refresh it is said like it like broke and I’m like crap and I refreshed it and if they were out of stocking stock and I’m just like he I or you can place the worn out gamers shoots and ladders that data have to play it till PS five falls into the bargain bitter thrift store or I know okay I know several guys I’m looking at it would turn a truck which fell of yesterday first time that I ever heard that phrase I had no idea what what song also track map and I just got a really good deal on something and I remember what it was and some guy asked me if I don’t it’s off the track and I’m like no I wouldn’t my Junoon a couple boxes of %HESITATION like microfiber eye glass cleaner clots that literally fell off of the truck so he gave it a hundred up it was the best day of yeah that is actually pretty legit there’s a whole bunch of a whole bunch of those from when my old company shut down we had a whole bunch of branded global microfiber cloths and weed out the supply closet that means not just on my glasses so I was just like all the time I don’t even have classes I just wanted to fuck things Mike this is yours you’re laying me off I’m taking your microfiber cloths which made capitalism at work I don’t even I just want to the other thing is almost makes up for my lack of healthcare and livable wage I mean it treated these microfiber cloths for %HESITATION a treatment with these microphones during the counter the pawn shop and haggling with the guy on how much money I can for these microfiber cloth really clean clean you go to the hood to pawn stars like best I can do fifty cents you know it’s gonna take out some miles to my spot on the shelf these things are hard to mills think about me here because I can’t just be leaving these on the shelf for a whole couple months so I mean normally be like fifty Bucks but I got to get the best I can do dot VT macro I’m a class and we can talk you mean tones B. three thread count one big Yonge three thirty three pieces of flying macro fibers in you can use it to dry things out and shine the hard metal I don’t even know I was going with that leave me alone I know how hard the middle and you know the name of the next king of hearts game yes I’ll go back and go shine some hard metal is that the terminator %HESITATION by autobiography she you know it’s even it’s in for what he does when no one else is around yes %HESITATION I got at I was hoping I’d have a destination by the end of the sentence I didn’t stop I just can’t it so can not me can I’m drinking do you love your bingo cards at home it is releasing L. gear solid one into one PC and I just did it a release of %HESITATION double pack of %HESITATION Castlevania and contra on good old games of all the Castlevania games on and contravenes on any S. meanwhile the I. P.’s rot no storage container Hey one mass games like batter on Mike %HESITATION I pad and stuff like that many of the night yeah it came out on mobile in general so that’s available on android and iOS but I don’t know about it’s actually great way if you have a controller it’s fucking yeah I mean it’s simply a night I will play it on every control I and you seem to raise a key she I love so much so is this how we’re doing a hundred hundred episodes there to your mother’s later they were we give the people what they want here two hundred episode Konami and %HESITATION Microsoft and winter time with Jared J. R. word salad okay so all the any generation games from Konami are being released on computer on PC yeah on %HESITATION Google games dot com %HESITATION the %HESITATION that’s the one that CD project red arms right J. G. yeah Gigi yeah I think so one day that we do like so %HESITATION it’s the Castlevania and contra titles that came out on any S. and a collection so I can just get later in so I I I yeah %HESITATION yeah seriously though just can I mean is another windows followed by disappointment yeah pretty much go figure you know me is I didn’t even know that that’s what they did I didn’t know that they actually put out some ports of games I just said %HESITATION because I know you’re about to tell me something that was going to suck thanks a quick question about the the MGS wanted to saying %HESITATION are they like just it’s just like a straightforward or do they do something to it pretty sure just a straight port we made it work somehow right Jeez I mean doing something with a play that Konami would put any effort into video games that yeah yeah if you ever want to play in the old school in G. S. I. on your keyboard yeah I know we’re options don’t don’t even care I don’t even care just S. T. L. though I mean in better news is that I have heard that Konami is approaching a deal with Sony to further develop %HESITATION games like silent hill and and things like that and and I hope that that is real I would I really truly hope that that’s real yes yeah it’s on my house scares me it gets to develop eyed peas but it’s actually so the new PS VR can have a pachinko don’t put your little I mean we got to I’m gonna have an image of my credit card and when I was about to go in his and even include a mini game in which your wife %HESITATION divorces you know for all of your your life savings as a secondary minute anymore you just spend all use it your last fifty dollars in a bar drinking sadly alone and then there’s the other it’s alternating weakens yeah there’s another minigame where you where you cry try not to cry while explaining to your child that they can’t go to college well soon if you work really hard to get a bunch of loans you too can be an educated person say calling spelling your last fifty dollars you can set it up by many game is appropriation of my culture you a couple of Bucks on like one of those like video poker machines because you’re a shitty bar and you don’t need to be a Booker is also like middle yourself three there were people out spending the last of their hard earned money at the bar I wouldn’t have a job it’s true I don’t have a job yeah I never thought I’d missed part and in I mean technically I employ both of you in topless robot and pay you in love Michael five we need your use of the loan is a form of payment the card that I think by his love yeah that you filled up your at six there by drivers with a loved one with a love for yeah yeah exactly your phone number the loan company and say well here’s my little town he was can I I love account since your account in order in order to avoid playing tag say has the most to my office sure love accounts I created a the firm I mean you you Lewis said it himself that’s the power of love do you love well you know yeah don’t take money don’t need no credit card to ride this train unless you’re in a less you’re playing a Konami game because he was I go balls and threw them through economics front window at their head office %HESITATION that schools will speaking of but Japanese games %HESITATION I picked up %HESITATION that taiko drumming game finally I want to get so bad for it they have I want %HESITATION yeah it’s it’s great but %HESITATION I even stood as you’ve got the one that has the like does it have the controllers and everything so you got the the peripheral and everything for it or %HESITATION those peripherals were only produced in Japan %HESITATION so you have to play with like the D. pad you can find a money bag for actually pretty and expensive we %HESITATION we have %HESITATION we have a hook up in Japan the way they could just send them to us directly so we can do that thank god I I didn’t want to I only spent like ten Bucks on it because I was like I don’t know like I was going to play these and but I don’t know the songs I still know the songs but it’s so well I mean like like %HESITATION there’s some baby metal on there which is radical yeah it’s just like it’s it’s a great time waster yeah I mean taiko drum master has been around forever I played a version of it on game cube I feel like that was just yeah I’m I’m glad with the legs in the face yeah yeah yeah all my character I wonder what %HESITATION this is the north star game because that was only ten Bucks still yeah because the game no before okay was made by the same people that may yeah because %HESITATION so even the menus are identical to so it’s I only ever saw him over the demo and all this other news match square million times and he was doing like the fucking rush punching well you can do that %HESITATION you can most of what I do is is so far it’s just been like like pulling off crazy combos you know like in the show where it’s just like it’ll it’ll take like way longer to kill somebody but Elekta’s it’ll be like hundreds this white check ours and shit like that and then %HESITATION would you explode and you move on with with fighting other people but it’s it’s so far it’s just been exactly what I wanted I just want to you know beat people up and make them explode so their gore or you I love the base in the north star the old anime movie hell yeah he’s awesome they just put those on Amazon for purchase like %HESITATION like the slick for streaming and stuff so I bought the first season I mean it’s it’s super low quality there’s a yeah it was a show for it will be the monitors don’t show them the splicing together quite poorly I might add into movies I only saw the original movie with all the streaming blood and everything that’s on like to be in step for free it’s amazing I don’t even know they were movie versions of it I only ever watch the first season of the actual show really just I had no idea that it was %HESITATION series I only watch the movie yeah I guess that’s like I’m noticing that the the two old guys no only of the movie because like when we were growing up it was the movie like you face in the notes north star was just a movie yeah I mean when I watch the show I watched it like decades after the show came out yeah I just had no idea that there was a show I I a long time ago I was like I want to know what that means is and what it shows me you there’s a Tyler we have a public town Tyler well that’s what important to show us what love is the difference like you what’s the exchange rate for indifference hello it doesn’t pay dividends out say that %HESITATION another big thing that happened this week is No man’s sky received another giant update I and they’ve been J. X. they’ve been keeping actually weirdly it’s still a small insults like a seventy against all %HESITATION but they are from she usually they’ve doubled the very city of generated planets so there’s a lot more creatures you can have fall cannot planets now %HESITATION there are giant sandworms now yeah they made my case can go deeper oceans can be deep here still every land I land on as superheated rainstorms that is really weird because I played probably last week and I was on this planet and it wasn’t anything special and then after the update came out I like logged in I wanted to see what everything is like in the planet look completely different there are volcanoes everywhere just I I was like herds of animals around me I’m like one of those ridiculous the last time people’s bases got fucked but a lot of stuff was totally overhauled improve the the last time I was in before the update I had found I I follow to quests Pat that took me to a broken ship under water and so I was trying to repair that ship because it’s just another free ship and %HESITATION so I close after my guide you know that was basically my last same was under water like I had gotten that ship and try to fix some shit and then I got out and I was playing in VR and did so after the update I totally forgot that I had slash my last save was under water and so I pop on the VR and I go in there and everything is changed and it is a lot more active and diverse and I’m under water like Jesus Christ one of my doing I just untitled goose game had an update this week for the multiplayer all yeah I’m sure you’re going to either came out this week or is coming out soon they they have like a separate I think like up to four people basically going in fighting demons and shit which are in the actual game so cool I still have to get go suspicion I still have not played any it is it is the most gorgeous game and I talked about reading her view I just kind of not been doing a lot lately so I will get I’ve been working in art instead you know they are being shipped so I bought a so I didn’t super hooked on it the Zen that is repair YouTubers like they do you know %HESITATION by a bunch of broken consuls and figure out what’s wrong with them and and fix them and do so recently I was behind several %HESITATION consul you know like handhelds like %HESITATION the my DS I excel and I had previously bought a D. SI %HESITATION because I wanted the games that came with it and it was like twenty Bucks for the D. S. I and a bunch of games which included signing in and shit like that and it so I with that D. S. side at first %HESITATION blue DS I that I bought %HESITATION it they said in a description of the right shoulder button didn’t work so I was like whatever I I’ll probably you know how to figure out what’s wrong and I crack it open and kind of poke around with some stuff couldn’t really figure it out you know put it back together and when I put it back together it suddenly like stopped recognizing the bad that a battery was put in it so I noticed that it was an aftermarket battery so first I bought a new battery for it and did that battery still in work because when it flashes this amber light it means that it can’t get doesn’t detect the battery so I recently bought a four parts only listing of DS I and the DS lite for like ten Bucks and %HESITATION made it you know that showed up and I repaired the first yes side with the parts from the D. S. side that I got in okay because that little charge for that also has had on it %HESITATION was what went bad so I just transplanted that into the original one and ended up making two %HESITATION Frankenstein DS size %HESITATION so this one has a bad charge board which I actually have a replacement charge board on its way to now %HESITATION but I decided to just replace the likes you know swap parts so it’s like black and blue the other one is going well it’s happening black and then with the blue battery cover %HESITATION but the other one works fine now it works perfectly I like a brandy insight works great so I was very proud of that I hate to put this out in the air but part of me just wanted you to take take that I mean I and I sixty and then drop it and that would be great because anybody can get back into is his happy place and repair it yeah it really is it’s super resigned like it’s really nice to just kind of like it’s also really cool like I used to take shit apart all the time when I was a kid in and figure out how works and what goes to widen and stuff like that and %HESITATION so it’s been really cool to %HESITATION you can get back into that and especially with handhelds like I I’ve I love hand held today I collect handhelds and %HESITATION I actually am very excited because on Tuesday I have the Mario maker to DS coming to me %HESITATION which not the two DS XL which is a clam shell that your three DS it just doesn’t have to be the fucking door stop wedge TDS I my job I can gameboy it’s baffling design decision and I have to own one yeah why because because it’s right it’s such a bizarre design decision and it’s it’s just something that that I definitely want in the Mario maker one is the only one that’s really the theme so like they did it a legend is all the packing where it’s like oh here’s a green two DS but there’s no Zelda branding on the thing or anything like that this the Mario maker one it’s yellow and red and has a little red Mario on the face of it actually looks cool near as I can tell this is the only one that %HESITATION the only two DS that came out that has any sort of I cannot graffiti on it I remember seeing those when they first came out and I was like really like you wanna make it so you want to make this more inconvenient for me to carry around yeah I like to imagine that whoever came up with the design for that console was like just having a really difficult time keeping the door open I gotta find what did you do the desire yeah it’s a it’s such a weird design choices like it just one of the weirder design choices that that Nintendo has ever made and %HESITATION it’s just a piece of history that that I got it I got a half but it’s broken so I get to take it apart and kind of you know C. and twiddle with it and yeah looking forward to it so how would you how would you rate your your repair skills and then the difficulty in which you’re doing so because like I’ve never actually repair console myself before so why is that something that I need to brush up on some stuff first year or are you said something I can do it really depends on what you’re wanting to get into you know and and also the risk reward kinda element of it right so you know if you’ve got something that’s like clearly garbage that you can kind of practice on and and kind of dig into that and then do it you know if you want I’ll fucking give you this D. S. light that I have and you can take that apart and just kind of look and see kind of what all these little pieces do and and to familiarize yourself with the way the ribbon cable systems work and and how fragile some of those can be and and shit like that %HESITATION this point I’d I’d consider myself still fairly beginner comfortable enough taking apart joy cons and putting new shells on them and %HESITATION it’s why a and you know swapping out boards in and DS size and and shit like that but definitely not to the level of some of the YouTubers or I watch %HESITATION actually traced down shorts in in the chips and then make use heat guns D. solder faulty shorted you know capacitors or chips or things like that and then replace them on the board or like now recognize a bad trace and then actually manually run a wire from from %HESITATION where that trace fails to where it’s supposed to and and and solder it like that like that’s outside of my current skill set %HESITATION but I want to get there because it’s all super interesting to me and like once you get to that level it’s almost as if it’s like nothing is on a fixable yeah okay I don’t have any console that don’t work I mean I haven’t checked I haven’t checked my Saturn in awhile so maybe you’ll see that that’s still there but you know what’s cool about this is I mean you could theoretically get you know a system that you want for weight cheap because someone listed on eBay as a junk system yeah well I I’ve been thinking about that because like I I could get into collecting like that thank letting some more stuff because like I I I I I have to fix that fuckin %HESITATION that neo geo thing I have like just missing a button but rise me crazy because it’s the B. button which I need for like every fucking so yeah unfortunately for a system like that %HESITATION I imagine that parts are not littering eBay at like a replacement button for that is not easy by all I have to buy a whole console yeah I like it I I’ve I’ve kept an eye out for like broken once you’re pretty cheap but it’s not like that big of a deal because then I could just use it use it if you use the other one for parts so and despite those being notoriously grown critically panned they are still sold very high on it lately I I’ve looked at the Japanese guy who options on San Diego and you still can’t get one of those for less than two hundred dollars one of my for collecting purposes seven but no one actually wants to play those anymore that’s that’s fine colectomy only one of yeah %HESITATION always one place I I ended up picking up like a PS two collection of like %HESITATION real bout fatal fury and I and like another one for like three Bucks on PSN sale this month nice good games I’m so what else %HESITATION is been going on this week that I’m probably forgetting about almost certainly forgetting about playing among us oh that’s right Tyler and I played among us for the first time on Friday it is a blast it was the fact that we have it on my phone so what I’ll figure out a plan together sometime yes the hundred percent should do a topless robot among a section concessions because that would be up I mean it’s still need a bill right now it is so mean of all we played for like four hours on Friday or something quite a little bit long it was a I was a little over four hours and I was only ever the imposter once it was the last session of the night and then discord in my computer crashed in the middle of it so I didn’t even get to enjoy it four hours rises doing fucking tasks the entire time and I’m just like and everyone’s like it’s Tyler’s style might look I wanted to be made to and nothing would please me more relying on my ass off to you but time I was joking about I’m voting Tyler every single time I’m voting Tyler every single time that last round we were doing to imposters with eight players and Tyler and I were the imposters yes that you haven’t been out for you a couple years now yeah it’s here isn’t that %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah and so they canceled it just announced among us to they canceled it so they can just keep working on among as long as it’s so popular now yep yeah they and it from my understanding I like that studio is basically calling it quits and they do it the the it will it has been held together by just some you know very %HESITATION %HESITATION you know are very hopeful yeah passionate Debs who believed in their product and they should have they absolutely should have because yeah and I don’t know I guess someone started streaming it and it just took off and it’s great S. a ton of fun it’s %HESITATION I I mean anything that borrows that whole mafia where wolf you know kind of vibe is great it’s it’s always talking gonna be tons of fun I like stories like that because it’s the same thing happened with version two and the people who made that sells themselves didn’t succeed they were to call it quits that was it same thing happened with final fantasy yeah sure yeah there’s a reason it’s called final fantasy I have such a special promotion to and now I know we’ve talked about it a couple times but they have like in a weird can you don’t hate archy structure to their company that no other company as far as I know I want sixty forever because of that %HESITATION there is a new update to %HESITATION dead cells well relatively new came out within the past month all the fun yeah %HESITATION that adds a a lot of stuff I feel like I when I watch when I look at game footage of of that game like people playing that game I feel like I’ve never played the same I have never played the game that they’re playing name it’s insane it’s absolutely insane where it’s like what it eventually gets to %HESITATION and that I am I’m not great I a definitely it took me over a year Seth actually beat it on my own %HESITATION without using your we have a release that I think we did I don’t think we did not actually sure we at least released the first episode %HESITATION I think we’re waiting to make %HESITATION intro no I’m pretty sure the first episode is out and has been for awhile %HESITATION we both get good where Dan teases me and Tyler what we play that’s pretty sh yeah I’m pretty sure we we we we we released that so %HESITATION completion is actually did Gerard %HESITATION did a video on %HESITATION dead cells and you know he actually completed it at least for now his he said that %HESITATION he’s been working on completing it for you know a year and if they keep adding contents yeah they do yeah yeah they’ve been doing great they’ve been really doing eight with support on that game yeah get jokes so it makes me laugh imperils date also and %HESITATION %HESITATION like chiptune combat versions of all the songs in the game you can switch the the music to be more soundtrack yep hello I love it any time a game gives decides that they’re like you know what the music in this game and slaps here’s an alternate version of that yeah just like yeah it’s a very cool is very very cool %HESITATION you’re gonna say overseas %HESITATION %HESITATION streets arrange forgot an update I think this week as well I checked it out yesterday for anyone that’s a place that I can content update the no they they like they like the kangaroo right now it’s right they are the kind of adjusted the difficulty of it okay because I guess there is people that were complaining that you know it was too hard yeah we’re difficulty definitely didn’t make some of the like earlier and like smaller enemies harder or easier they made the final boss is harder yeah yeah and then they make the final was like super hard I I haven’t got I haven’t seen it for myself yet because I I started up last night and I think they also gave Axel another move or replace something I don’t remember %HESITATION the if I stay the in game over St to rich for Axel %HESITATION but %HESITATION yeah it is it’s weird it’s weird I don’t remember ever being somewhat controversial balance tweaks like things that I would have expected yeah and my yeah I mean it’s certainly kicked my ass the first time I played it but that’s what streets of rage does yeah yeah you have to get good are full of ranch that’s right they aren’t yes it is a super fun game %HESITATION leading street fighting streets are great treats the branch again right the the zombie virus in twenty days later H. yep okay %HESITATION so %HESITATION it’s been two years it has been two years we’ve been doing this for two years every single week two years this last year for years that you know that’s insane it’s really crazy it’s been two years already %HESITATION I believe last year Kaelin Kaelin’s first appearance with us was %HESITATION just a little over a year ago haha oh all right it feels like it hadn’t been that long it’s weird yeah it’s not spam and especially this year is definitely skewing time we didn’t do over first for all the good time loss this year back in the mail when we decide when that do over starts it depends on what it depends on a certain day November the next the next MLS the next in the list %HESITATION check is actually just going to be a refund for all the time that we’ve wasted space space instead of actual money they’re just going to give us time Bagley here’s this you were gonna freeze for it’ll be a week it’ll be it’ll be fucking new year’s eve and ever again ten nine eight seven twenty two any the sh home chiller bees I’m sorry murder Hornets Hornets coming back yeah in the fall it’s got a birthday party but I mean I just %HESITATION I I want to say you know I’m I don’t know what I expected was going to happen when I took over topless robot %HESITATION I knew that yeah I like I I knew that this was the the type of a website and and type of thing that I had been wanting to do for for a very long time I have a lot of ideas still %HESITATION that heavy I A. I have yet to you know kinda implementor tore seed %HESITATION to fruition %HESITATION and I always just kind of thought that it would be a bit easier when like when when topless the idea of topless robot came up I always thought that it would just kind of be a little bit easier to hit the ground running with %HESITATION in established property as opposed to starting from scratch with our own %HESITATION I try did kind of start from scratch with %HESITATION our own with hearts and barrels and that didn’t really go anywhere in this topless robot %HESITATION opportunity came up and you know one during its heyday was getting four million plus views every month and %HESITATION you know still receives a significant amount of traffic to %HESITATION the old articles every month and I knew that I needed to move it and to %HESITATION you know the way people take in media these days which is multimedia it’s audio and video people don’t read articles nearly as much as as they used to and %HESITATION I did not realize just how much of a struggle it would be to build out an audience from that I just figured all right dad I know what I want this to look like and I know who are my friends I want involved in this and as I met you know more people along the way I knew I wanted you know the axe personal Y. person involved in in something we needed to collaborate and and put something out and so I I really had no idea what direction a topless robot without taking and I’m %HESITATION it’s been an up hill battle it’s absolutely been an uphill battle %HESITATION %HESITATION the internet is so flooded these days a competing with saturation is really hard it used to be so much easier to get well the pay attention you know when I started my internet radio station you know a decade plus ago %HESITATION if I need to advertise for it on fucking okay Cupid like I would just make a post whenever I went live on my internet radio station and I ended up with a large listener base of that would like come into my I. R. C. channel and we’d you know chat and listen to music all the fucking time it was great it was easy to build up a loyal listener base and now it’s like everyone’s doing it and it’s so we’re but hello you words listeners are not %HESITATION the past two years of doing this have been so fulfilling to me and it just fun and rewarding and it building a team and just having fun you know talking to you guys every week and %HESITATION Kaelin I don’t even know that you and I would never have like talked as much as as we did in till I like I learned it that you were into all the same shit that I was in and invited me on the podcast then we became super close friends like from there you know in the break friendships and it borderline of family bonds born out of just us being a bunch of fucking nerds in and trying to talk there are two partners and a lot as our is our is our love accounting you really shouldn’t just keep spending this much time model Ryan I’m worried about your love interest yeah I hope you got a good APR are you gonna love interests until twenty twenty two I just got to say two years of doing this and I’m so happy to have ventured down this and %HESITATION to continue doing so %HESITATION and %HESITATION it’s yeah I’m excited for what the future holds and what we can come up with doing you know some random shit to do I still have probably three videos of me and Kaelin that I have to figure out how to edit together that were shot a year ago %HESITATION like ed I want I’m I’m excited for future possibility it like audience are no they have so much god damn fine with you guys and I love you all so so very much so here’s the thing we don’t have anymore anniversary is coming up because I heard the same fucking speech a few weeks ago yeah but that was with your two hundred more well I mean we could say here’s two hundred more but that would imply that you know we always comes some kind of immortal beings well now that become that’s why he got a twelve terabyte hard we can upload our consciousness is yet to it two fifty six mags don’t threaten me don’t threaten the route and so threatening with everlasting existence what does it what does that come down to them do we celebrate the hundreds right like so do we celebrate episode two hundred or do we celebrate our third year like what what’s more important that they year milestone or the the number of episodes but milestone so at the two hundred will come shortly after the for the fourth year so to be like your three mac three in like three quarters okay so bring in both you know yeah the big deal because then you’re just I’m me I’m gonna give a sappy speech on both regardless that’s just what I do I’m sorry I and fifty guys just you know I know that it should he will incredibly thankful and fortunate to have the friends that I do and and have the opportunity to do this and %HESITATION it’s hard not to get sappy at these milestones you know like that especially considering I’ve got a long history of abandoning things once they become regular or after fifteen minutes yeah I mean like I said regular when you try and use me and abuse me when our first episode right just get up in my %HESITATION but but he’s just like he’s meant for a fifteen minute quickie in Tuscany and the I am in need of the cloud I am actually %HESITATION starting a new podcast so I’m I’m sorry guys so I am seriously starting new podcast but it will not detract from this podcast okay how to get a sense that one about that one is going to be tied in with my %HESITATION blue bassist a YouTube channel so %HESITATION it’ll be conversations with other musicians talking about %HESITATION kind of what got them into making music there were you know mmhm and most interesting experience on the road or whatever I Kaelin you and I are going to be talk like it could be on the pride yeah you’re gonna be on the podcast as well %HESITATION but that yeah you know like it’s going to be called %HESITATION V. groove guild because originally I thought that I would just talk to bass players %HESITATION but I feel that kind of limits my abilities I want to watch it now yeah right I like the name of the groove guild too much so it’s still going to be called the group killed just not going to be excluded it he exclusively bass players gentlemen of the basin so it all right around tables but she’s like she’s like a base nothing I love talking about more than how I used to fucking tour in place shows here add up yep I need is you and I need to talk okay that’s a great yeah you’re not needed because we were talking about that shit a long time ago all right now about making music Zacks we’re talking about possibly starting a project %HESITATION shed she will be left behind we have a third podcasts is just making fun of the yes ma’am that’s well we have gotten to the end of the broadcast %HESITATION what’s the what games have you gentlemen been playing over the past week I I I kind of tossed over in my head I was like what’s your what’s your high point of the week I don’t really know if that’s what I want to ask because it’s been a pretty rough week especially politically as always we live in a nightmare scape %HESITATION but wait what what gives you guys would play in so this week I had to re up my CPR first star %HESITATION first aid in article nine training for work and because you can’t go to that seven percent I had to play like a weird shitty like for our point and click adventure game kind of thing did you play you play trauma center under the nice I mean in some cases a fellow that because like I had to click my mouse like in time hi first being alive I do yeah and the standalone stand alone you should it’s a long weekend right Sir you’re supposed to do CPR not attempted and then fail and open heart surgery I know my internet connection they would all die activated my my superpower which slows down time I can say it’s out of people’s bodies it’s happened to pet the tiger of my thirty please which is necessary for work like in ten dogs it felt like it felt like one of those it felt like shovel where for awhile until he got to the really juicy bits where I got to start managing people start upgrading your skill tree all of my points in the last year mysterious stranger will show up at the end because the wound for me hence I mean beyond that like this the north star in that like drumming game yeah yeah yeah I see we need to get that drawing him %HESITATION jasmine I have been wanting to play %HESITATION that quite a bit so I also got I finally got that second racing game that I’ve been talking about off and on for the last couple weeks yeah well it because it released %HESITATION this past week right now or was it last I think it was like last weekend %HESITATION but I picked it up and it’s it’s Cruisin USA man what it is yeah it’s yeah I mean the the tracks feel like it it looks a little more like ridge racer but it handles a lot like so you want to relive the frustration of the timer running out before you make the check what he just made me stressed out like a little it’s that outrun %HESITATION clone that %HESITATION came out on switch %HESITATION last week is it Avenue yeah I can’t remember what was already a hot shot racing hot cherries I remember now or like your international like stereo type thing from the nineties so like the Russian guy looks like saying he’s you know yeah like is like a robot you know and it’s it’s it’s just like really bad since I signed up element %HESITATION emulation on my nvidia shield %HESITATION I revisited that ridge racer on P. S. P. any man who man that was I was in my happy place lake ridge racer it will air on PSP actually fully %HESITATION embraced that there are controls were loose is fucking made it a dress focus on so like in order to fill your nitrous canisters you have to draft which was not a mechanic in any of the previous games and it is just still it’s still too much fun those racing at those old racing games like wipe out and and ridge racer have such great soundtracks and it just off third they’re so fun to go back to six we’re Japanese European stuff in the background yeah super into it yep how bout you to their well I challenge %HESITATION really set really on on %HESITATION second for like sixty five inside of it the S. seventy nine or whatever it is Abed and I no yeah very cool so that it works it definitely cancer ass might your ankle hurt %HESITATION my ankles did her yeah yeah now first words I did Tyler easy is one of those fucking skip that things stronger it is a lot of like especially with the first fight you do you’re just doing squats and I would like the output on intense I put on the intense difficult see I I was like I figured why not I was the one of us who hates himself you look like I’m writing about this isn’t that bad you know it’s a good limitations unlike Tyler yes some of the after unlocking some of the the exercises that you progress with its like squats should not have been us in one that was mandatory because they heard I said would you like hundred swaps to fucking kill the first little Goober thing or whatever it was that I was fighting and I’m just like what is falling over much just fucking fucking died they killed it and then I kept running at this point my legs are already scanned as like the first fucking level and then I like the I haven’t yet I haven’t gotten back to it broke me for it for a for a while Gerry Broome view to stop here yeah I haven’t done it since the first day that I bought it back when it came out %HESITATION but Aaron is like three weeks in a row and I’m Aaron and then another %HESITATION ex member of five minibuses are are doing a like a our daily routine with %HESITATION we fit and %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION not we fit during fit %HESITATION yeah and they want me to to join them %HESITATION and the day before I was supposed to join them I broke my toe so that’s why I’m gonna happen but I’ve been yeah right how can I get out of this in the body parts and shit Briggs first I’m sorry brush myself how you doing nothing in particular new just on the back foot through the same things %HESITATION general and yeah that’s right so %HESITATION preschool game on %HESITATION when doesn’t expire and Mr monthly yeah mine’s Mr by man for five hours at a time screaming at the top all I remember I just the space station and honestly like all of the hype around among us is reminding me that like among asses like space station but if you like took away all the new ones almost %HESITATION yeah I don’t even think it’s a bad thing it’s just like you know people have to do tasks to %HESITATION keep the game flew down and everything that’s how it is in space stations just like your tasks are way more convoluted and also like rewarding in some way but it’s like depending on the population of the server %HESITATION X. number of people have chosen to be some kind of traitor so it’s the same idea right then you’re always trying to weed out however that trader is cracked me up earlier Tyler when you were like like please for four hours and I only got to be the trigger once yeah that’s a I know people have gone like months two years on this basis without ever being picked to be the straight and all my gosh the pain is real I I feel it I think in the entire time I’ve played I’ve been a trader once so can you do me like that but what fuck me up was I had never played among us until Friday and our first game I was the imposter yes good looking people I did alright I did I did not win a single game is him plastic that’s also true the space station is the traders will almost always get caught dies so don’t worry about it you’re you’re on par for the course it’s yeah that’s it space station just takes a lot more upkeep yeah yeah which is why I like it because I can actually like to get lost in a job for hours and %HESITATION like I said there’s there’s tangible rewards but I can see like the total different appeal in both games yeah the grounds among us less what like how long five yeah I mean it’s not very much at all it’s easy to to dive in yeah instead of your one and a half to three hours space station around so yeah I think I I get it probably pick it up at some point even though it’s free so whatever but I thought we on mobile five Bucks on steam okay she yeah I bought it on steam figured why not same can you play with your mobile device yes well yet yeah Friday night we had a mix of people playing mobile and and PC and it was fine it always on cal and %HESITATION what have you been playing speaking of space station I’m in plain No man’s sky welcome to well I have never seen you I’ve never seen such a spark of hope it was wrong of me to get relation of like a couple hundred people see me on there welcome and then immediately died welcome to the oh shit No man’s sky actually got good clan well no I played in a sense you know I had its first major origins update like a year or so ago and I just I think I went back on tour and then it didn’t get back into it so I got back into it my brother’s plane it also we kind of started the same time I got to play together which is pretty cool you know get to talk to each other and explore %HESITATION so that’s a real that’s pretty appealing but I’m that’s only been looked last couple days we did a lot of design work in working on stuff for the band and the clothing lines and stuff M. Q. all how exciting %HESITATION you know still %HESITATION playing a lot of Hades but %HESITATION %HESITATION especially over the past couple days planned %HESITATION just reading a lot I started reading the book I started reading Neuromancer %HESITATION and start reading it the latest %HESITATION I’ve talked about the other before he’s an extra X. cracked writer and yeah %HESITATION it’s not David Wong it’s %HESITATION Robert Brock away or something like that %HESITATION she apparently came out with a new book this year image for the life of me I can’t remember the fucking name of it Rockaway beach %HESITATION %HESITATION his latest book is share your way if and it it’s a horror so like previously I talked about the books that that that he had done that I got really into I still haven’t read the whole trilogy have only done the first one %HESITATION but it’s about like that %HESITATION %HESITATION notice is the first person that series where it like people who you know you kind of forget you can’t describe what they look like the second you look away from them and there are these you know worshipers of this weird thing and you know it’s very that punk aesthetic in it and and it’s a lot of fun and and a really interesting story %HESITATION but carrier wave is totally unrelated that and near as I can tell doesn’t have a main character I’m a quarter of the way through the book and everyone I’ve followed so far has died spoilers so it’s about a and I also didn’t realize the time jump so like you start with like these said he researchers who find the signal in space and J. R. hi Sir I got really %HESITATION me yeah it’s they are like trying to figure out what to do about it and and and stuff and one of them is the skeptic the other two are like gung ho and J. it turns out that this is the signal by listening to it changes your behavior and it it’s likely a good first %HESITATION virus spread by audio as a country music but you can either become you can either become a manic a sweeper or a hi spreader or something like that where the Manics start reminiscing of their ability to talk and just get violent and kill and you know %HESITATION %HESITATION anyone around them good sleepers state bike dormant like they go totally prone or whatever they’re just completely devoid of any motion but if you get close to them they rip your arms off and do it the %HESITATION carriers are spreaders are so have things everyone well they’re so compact like the like with any virus some spreading component you need something that’s gonna actually because the other two are just killing everyone so in order for it to be effective it needs to be able to transmit so the people who are spreaders %HESITATION are so could like if they’re so compelled to to spread the signal that if they don’t have the ability to do so after a certain amount of time they die so it is not an ascus it’s a really interesting %HESITATION books so far okay like I’m according the way through and it’s a big one and it it like I said at each time I’ve thought that I’ve had someone who are gonna be with for a while by the end of the chapter their debt and did it by I finally get to a chapter where for the first time it’s in first person I’m like all right we’ve got our guy we’re no longer referring to you know the various characters are following by their name it’s I this I that yeah I know by the end of the chapter is that is that making it easier or harder to keep breeding it’s just as interesting it is I I would say it is kind of harder to keep reading just because I feel like I I don’t have like I’m not following the progress of the person Graham I’m but I don’t know if they’ll inevitably get infected and die or they get killed by someone with the virus Sir yeah pretty much I mean it’s yes basically both yeah it’s it’s a different story for for each pretty much and if there is some intersection with some of the previous stories you know that that you read it but it it almost reads like a collection of stories with a common link as opposed to a contiguous story and do it through reading these collections of stories each story you’re learning more about the base subject which is the signal so if there’s a main character in this book it’s the signal send the signal man and this yeah right a very good time and it came out like two months ago hi Randy like I’ll to be honest it is desk since all this happened in the if you have kindle unlimited it’s on kindle and unlimited and %HESITATION I have been super games at the books yeah pretty much yeah %HESITATION I think that’ll be no thank you everyone for watching and are listening please watch rooks be very uncomfortable while we wait for this credit for all sure we can have this many people in our credit good news that he