A Ring vs. Grudge Movie Has Begun Shooting in Japan


In my high school, it was always a truism that girl on girl fights were meaner and more vicious than guy on guy – so I fully expect the upcoming Sadako vs. Kayako to leave Freddy vs. Jason in the dust. On the other hand, neither evil spirit relies on hand-to-hand abilities, so who knows where they’ll go once they realize they can’t use curses and death-stares on a foe who’s already dead and cursed.

It’s funny – I remember Takashi Shimizu at Comic-Con years ago talking about spin-off possibilities, and he  thought Toshio (or as he put it, “Little White Boy”) would be the spin-off character to fight others. Somebody clearly realized that pissed-off moms are scarier than kids who meow.

Are you ready for a Grudge match…in this very Ring?

via Bloody Disgusting