‘Justice League,’ ‘G.I. Joe’ Movies Ready to Disappoint

I got bad news and bad news, folks:

1) Despite the recent announcement that Weta would be making the tights for the upcoming Justice League movie, it looks like it’s delayed (I told you so). Apparently, the script sucks, and thanks to the writer’s strike, there’s no one around to fix it, although I’m confused because the Transformers script was terrible, but that didn’t seem to stop anybody on that film.

2) In a recent interview with IESB, G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura addressed all though pesky rumors that G.I. Joe would be an international team based in Brussels.

LDB: Ok, let me be really clear on this point. G.I. Joe headquarters in the comic book is based in the Pit. As in the comic book, you don?t know where the location of the Pit is. So, the idea that it?s based in Brussels is false, the idea that it is a European base or an international kind of organization is false. It is the G.I. Joe Organization.

IESB: Are we keeping this still a ?Real American Hero? or is it no longer a Real American Hero?

LDB: Um, well, the truth is we haven?t had that debate.

The movie’s supposed to start shooting in five weeks, sir. It might be worth discussing. Still, if not…Yo Jeaux!