Geek Apparel of the Week: Heart Core and Tentacle Rides


?Two-fer today: first off, just in time to ride the Iron Man 2 bandwagon is this subtle, chest-implanted arc reactor shirt titled “Heart Core.” I dig it; it’s subtle but very nerdy, and with no huge Iron Man 2 logos anywhere to let bullies know you need to be beaten up and have your lunch money taken. It’s $19 over Entertainment Earth.


?But if still-in-theaters movie shirts are just too populist for you, why not wear try the naughty Cthulhu approved “Tentacle Rides – 5 Sanity”? Not only does it involve Cthulhu, not only does it make an RPG reference, but it’s has that classless “I will give you oral sex” vibe! Everyone wins, especially the Dark Ones. It’s $25 over at TimtheToon — thanks to Jennifer A. for the tip.