‘Knight Rider’ Preview Causes Mild Interest, Concern Over Lack of Hasselhoffian Ideals

NBC has let out a two-minute, partially behind-the-scenes preview of its upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, much like a mother bird nudges its chicks from the nest, forcing them to fly or…not fly. As per the clip, the new Knight Rider movie seems to be fluttering precariously in mid-air. Sure, Will Arnett is fantabulous as the voice of KITT, but the dude playing Mike Traceur?the son of Michael Knight (and a character name that makes me want to hit somebody)?seems to be missing something, such as a ‘Hoff-worthy head of hair, or perhaps charisma. His name does seem to indicate that Michael Knight fathered a child out of wedlock, which is kind of grand. Anyways,Knight Rider hits February 17.