Snake Eyes Good, Everything Else About the G.I. Joe Movie Bad

Well, son of a gun. The first official pic from the G.I. Joe movie is out, and I’ll be darned if it’s not a pretty damned comics-accurate version of Snake Eyes. Granted, it kind of looks like it’s CG and not Ray Park in an outfit, but it is accurate. It’s also a bit dark, but whatever.

So that’s the good news. The bad news?and spoiler warning, by the way?is that Latino Review leaked many plot details about the film, which are…shall we say…less accurate than Snake Eyes’ appearance. Latino Review has since mysteriously taken the details down, but I do recall a few tidbits:

? Cover Girl is German
? Destro gets his mask late in the film, which is made up of nanomachines
? Latino Review liked the opening action sequence
? Duke gets shot, a la the animated G.I. Joe movie
? Aaaand Cobra Commander is indeed none other than Duke’s childhood friend, which is the stupidest thing ever

So forgive me if I’m not that excited about how accurate Snake Eyes looks.