Marvel’s Going to Play Ender’s Game

000dp0wf.gifThere’s a lot of comic news from NYCC that aren’t quite post-worthy on their own, so I’m going to save those for tomorrow, but leave you with one semi-interesting tidbit: Marvel’s going to adapt Ender’s Game into a comic, along with its total-grab-for-cash companion novel Ender’s Shadow. Also recently announced as a video game (and a movie that will never come out, ever), Ender’s Game is a sci-fi classic by Orson Scott Card, who’s been working for Marvel on comics like Ultimate Iron Man for a while now.

Okay, I don’t really get most comic adaptations. I don’t understand who buys comic adaptations of movies, because there’s obviously already a perfectly good?and generally more exciting, thanks to the medium?movie to see. Novels make a bit more sense when it’s a rich fantastical world that’s hard to visualize, like Marvel’s recent and pretty damn successful Dark Tower comics. But Ender’s Game? It’s a big psychodrama that’s like 95% about young boys playing war games, running around and shooting at each other and sweating and showering together–

Never mind. I figured it out. Carry on.