Fan Fiction Friday: Finn and Munch of L&O:SVU in “MINE!”

Oh, god. I’ve gone too far in. I can only pray for death.

“You think for one second I want to hear about the number
of ex wives you have?!”

Fin slammed his cock deep into Munch’s ass, emphazing [sic]his point.
Munch gripped the edge of the desk as Fin continued to his
on slot. He whimpered lightly as Fin’s cock slammed mercilessly
into his prostate.

You know what? I actually can’t handle any more of this. I thought last week’s huge treatise on Arthur and incest was bad?and it was?but for some reason, this 500-word story by O.E.M. about Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit’s Ice-T fucking Richard Belzer up the ass is just so awful that I honestly can’t handle anymore of it. You can read it here, if you dare. God have mercy on my soul!