Two Things You Need to Know About Iron Man Before You See It

z95456642.jpg1) I had heard that long-rumored Sam Jackson as Nick Fury cameo had been cut from the final version of the movie, and it made me very sad, because I’m a huge Ultimates and Avengers fan. But now the word on the street is that all true believers should stay through the entire credits. Oh, for those who don’t know, that’s a pick of Nick Fury from the Ultimates comic, who is said to bear a small, tiny resemblance to Sam Jackson. Or so I’m told. Don’t see it, myself.

2) IESB says that Iron Man 2 is pretty much a done deal, and Downey’s trainer is going to start work on the actor next week for an assumed 2009 production date. Since we’ve seen about 45% of the first movie through the 300 clips and trailers, and it’s all been awesome, I approve of this.