A Moment of Topless Robot Self-Pleasue: Viva 1,000!

Sorry to not have anything illuminatingly nerdy to say, but I totally wanted a moment to slap myself on the back, as this is Topless Robot‘s 1,000th post! Yes, in six short months, I have pissed and moaned and only occasionally said nice things about 999 different movies, TV shows, anime, games and toys, comics, fan fiction, and other assorted nerdery. Seeing as I seldom even bother wearing pants anymore, I definitely count this as an accomplishment.

I’d like to take just a moment to thank the writers for being awesome, and writing hysterically funny things in TR‘s Daily Lists, because those are the articles that get Dugg and Farked and passed around and keep the page views up and basically keep me from having to get a real job. You are all uniformly awesome people, and the site wouldn’t still be here without you.

I’d also like to thank the regular TR commenters like Snoodle, cKHAVIKk, Zach, MyNoNos, Kurono-K, RavenX, Jesse, Astrokender, and so many more that I don’t want to have to look through the Comments file to remember. You guys are awesome and totally appreciated, since all of TR‘s writers are desperate for validation. Except for me. I just sit sobbing at my desk until someone comments on my stories, because I want to be popular. Totally different.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my mom for not reading. It’s bad enough I curse all the time, but I hope to never have to explain to her why I posted a story about a female centaur with a penis fucking that nice girl from Chronicles of Narnia in the ass.