Fan Fiction Friday: Godzilla and some Lion King characters in “Godzilla, King of the Rainlands” – The Epic Conclusion!

On April 4th, I introduced you guys to author Godzilla, and his magnum opus “Godzilla, King of the Rainlands,” a massive Godzilla/Lion King sex-filled crossover that’s as epic as Tolkien, and incomprehensible as any fever dream. I’m happy to say that Godzilla (the author) had completed his work, totaling at 32 chapters, although may of them are still used to describe what wrestler’s theme music best suits the upcoming scenes. Since it’s still my favorite Fan Fiction Friday so far, and Godzilla (the author) has asked so nicely, I’m overjoyed to wrap it up.
We last read Chapter 4, where Godzilla had saved Nala from a lion rapist, and then taken prisoner of Nala in his cave (oh, and Simba’s already dead). The Lion King critters soon realize something is wrong.

Suddenly Rafiki paled as an signature full of anger and godly power was fast approaching their position. Suddenly one said hey does anybody smell funny?. nobody heard her of course as the panicked frenzy increased. suddenly dead silence was present as an roar was heard unlike any they have ever heard before filled their ears.
Rafiki was surprised at the sight of the legendary fallen God king in front of him. ‘ So it seems that the seal my ancestors placed on his lair failed’. …
Rafiki asked him a question why do you still want revenge? the murderers were punished right? so why take your anger out on others whom have nothing to do with the incident?. he smiled and said in an rage filled voice YOU NOT TO KNOW WHY I DONT FORGIVE OTHER LIONS THAT EASILY? WELL ITS QUITE SIMPLE TO SAY THE LEAST AS LONG AS LIONS ARE ON MY LANDS I SHALL NEVER FORGET THERE BETRAYAL OF MY QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, intrigue! Rafiki and Godzilla have a past! What’s the deal with Godzilla’s former queen? It turns out that Godzilla was in love with a white lioness, who was raped and killed (naturally) by some other lion. This has made Godzilla bitter and depressed. How depressed? He’s a cutter:

in the depths of the caves Godzilla Was doing something rather disturbing as he gripped an bloody razor sharp rock that he had infused with black magic for what he was doing. if one would look at his body they would notice that there were many cuts and gashes on it and the reason for them became apparent as he suddenly plunged it into his chest and twisted it in an attempt ti rid himself of the despair he felt from the memory he had earlier remembered and what other memories he had long ago buried. as he was doing this above him the effects of it were visible in the Bloody Rain Pouring down on the lush Rainlands.
Suddenly we see Godzilla Gouging out both of his eyes and then dragging the rock over his eyes once he finished doing so he took it out of him and letting out one final pain filled roar collapsed on the ground bloody tears following out of his eyes as he fell asleep and outside just as he did that the sky above him cleared up as if nothing had happened and the blood coating the ground vanished as if it never was there in the first place.[as Story ends KANE’s Music is playing in the background as its shall reflect things to come in this fic]

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After a bit of eye-gouging, the Lion King animals decide to serve Lord Godzilla, including sex.

the lionesses did not like the looks he was given them yet were prepared to do anything to secure an new home for them even given their bodies to something that was clearly mentally unstable and not an lion

In Chapter 10, the action switches to Shenzi, the hyena played by?and it’s going to make this so much better?Whoopi Goldberg.

Suddenly she remembered that she was supposed to head to the now abandoned outcropping of rocks known as Priderock. Why is she Going there? well last night she had an unusual dream involving three different but linked visions the first one was a lion sized version of her having sex with something she could not make out since in this vision she was too busy enjoying herself to focus on her surroundings but she knew one thing for certain it was not an hyena or thankfully an lion.

Basically?and I use the word loosely?Shenzi enters the dream cave, chews on a bone, grows to lion size, and leads her hyenas away. Somewhere. In Chapter 11, Godzilla gets his first “mornign report” from a toucan as leader of the Pride Lands.

Godzilla Gave The Toucan an Glare and said while i must admit that your report was indeed useful i will tell you suddenly he begins to shout THAT THE CROCODILES ARE MY FRIENDS AND ARE ALLOWED TO EXIST ON MY TERRITORY SO UNLESS IT HAS TO DO WITH THEIR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING DO NOT INCLUDE THEM IN THE MORNING OR EVENING REPORT.

Oh, then Nala sasses Godzilla and Godzilla rapes her, but it’s not as interesting as the Morning Report. Nala’s mother Sarafina tries to sneak up and kill Godzilla, but Godzilla knows all, and catches her.

BASTARD Sarafina screamed earning an chuckle from him. so little lioness lets make an deal he said. LIKE HELL I WOULD the furious mother shouted back still attempting to escape her unnatural bindings. ignoring her comment he calmly said like it or not this is what going to happen i will release you and we will fight each other. if you win i will destroy myself. however if i win he said while suggestively licking his lips. i get to do whatever i want to do to you. Sarafina paused and said what if i refuse she said?. i will rape you anyway he responded and let out an sinister laugh

Sarafina loses. Ha ha! Fast-forward a couple of chapters, and Godzilla transforms into a lion to lure the lioness Sarabi and Zira into a trap…a trap by Biollante! Biollante uses his vines to perform the ol’ Hentai Tentacle Special on Zira while Godzilla, revertig to his normal, lizard-like state, takes care of Sarabi.

Suddenly Zira Felt one enter her mouth and now the lioness was being suspended in the air by the tendrils getting the hell fucked out of her. While this was happening Godzilla was raping the hell out of Sarabi whom was clearly distressed by his current actions and wondered what she has done to deserve this.

The Rapes Continued until dawn

Alas, and there the story ends. Struck by writer’s block, author Godzilla has completed the tale, leaving us with so, so many questions. But then, life seldom has easy answers, which is why I think “Godzilla, King of the Rainlands” rings so true. If you’d like the read the story yourself, which I highly recommend as it includes which wrestler’s theme song goes with each scene along with a few helpful Q&As, please check it out here. Good night, have a great weekend, and remember DO NOT INCLUDE CROCODILES IN THE MORNING OR EVENING REPORT