Your Secret Invasion Skrull Update

Secret Invasion #3 came out yesterday, and there was one big Skrull confirmation, and what seems to be one big Skrull reveal. I’ll keep ’em after the jump for those who wanna know.

Ta-da! Yes, Spider-Woman?as hinted in New Avengers #40 but not 100% confirmed?is indeed a Skrull, attacking Echo and laying the above jibber-jabber on Tony Stark, whose borderline insane behavior over the past few uyears could be attributed to being a secret Skrull sleeper agent. The Spider-Woman Skrull seems to be in charge of the Invasion, so when she tells Tony Stark is a Skrull, you’d think she’d know what she’s talking about. But then she could just be trying to fuck with him, much like Bendis could be fucking with the readers. I wouldn’t put it past either of ’em.