G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Know War Is Adorable Hell

ToyNewsI snagged pics of the rest of wave one of the upcoming G.I. Joe Combat Heroes packs, namely Duke and a Cobra soldier, followed by Roadblock and the helmeted Cobra Commander (you can see the other two two-packs here). I think most of us nerds have approved of Hasbro’s Star Wars and Transformers and Marvel and Indiana Jones Little Heroes lines, if only because they’re full of classic characters, for adults who are ostensibly parents buying them for their toddlers. But there’s something about this Combat Heroes line that makes me think it’s the best of the bunch. Is it because they all have guns? That they’re essentially Army Men, but awesome? I don’t know, but I stopped by Joe toys in 1992, and despite the Sigma Six and the Classics and all the awesome news stuff, I think these little guys are going to be what pulls me back into the fold.