Heroes’ “Going Postal” Web Series Brings You Hot, Mailman-on-Bald Man Action

But not really. Because although I’ve been waiting all day to post the news that Heroes’ “Going Postal” little web mini-series is supposed to be launching today, I’ve been holding off to watch the damn thing and make fun of it, but…uh…NBC just refuses to launch it. Maybe they’re scared of my scathing wit? That’s what my mommy tells me.

Regardless, all I’ve got is the above trailer, where a confused mailman that we’ve never seen runs around and screams a bit (well, super-poweredly screams, a la Banshee or Black Canary). There’s an evil-looking bald guy and a girl in her underpants and Ma Petrelli. Let me know if you disagree, but my problem with last season is that is had too many new characters I didn’t give a shit about, and I don’t want to spend my precious web time following the escapades of more of them. Maybe the Ma Petrelli stuff will be interesting, but after the last, punishingly bad season, Heroes no longer has the benefit of my doubt. Also, having web show about a mailman called “Going Postal” is a knife in my soul. Really? You guys were okay naming it that? Why not an episode about a flying baker called “Half-Baked,” or an invisible hairstylist called “Shear Madness?” Or are those next?

I assume the episode, when it does show up, will be here. Best of luck to you brave souls.

Oh, one more?a firestarting journalist called “The Write Stuff.” Okay, I’m done.