Hire Cartoon Ghostbusters Cheap

If you recall, a few weeks ago, Time Life announced it was going to release every episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon (and the Slimer! cartoon as well) in one massive box set containing 26 DVDs. Since I assumed any 26 DVD set would have a sizable price tag, I wondered who would be willing to pay top dollar for The Real Ghostbusters, as loved as it is.

Well, you know what happens when I assume?I make an ass out of “u” (I’m an internet writer, and thus have no responsibility or culpability). Time Life has solved the problem by charging only $180 for the whole shebang. It’s not cheap, but at 26 DVDs and 147 episodes, that’s not much more than a buck per episode. Plus, TV Shows on DVD says it’s coming with all of this:

? All Episodes of The Real Ghostbusters
? All Episodes from Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters
? Unique Collector’s Box with Exclusive Art
? The original promotional pilot for The Real Ghostbusters, NEVER BEFORE AIRED
? 21 on-camera Commentary Tracks with producers, voice actors, writers, animators and production personnel
? 5 exclusive Documentaries
? 86 Episode Introductions
? 16-page booklets include episode synopses, trivia, and art for every episode!
? Plus Scripts, Storyboards, Image Galleries, Music & Effects Audio Tracks, and Much More!
? Interviews with J. Michael Straczynski (Writer & Story Editor), Maurice La Marche (Voice Of ” Egon Spengler”), Laura Summer (Voice Of First “Janine Melnitz”), Kath Soucie (Voice Of Second “Janine Melnitz”), and Many Others

This is as insane as it is awesome. At any rate, you can pre-order it at Time-Life here and save an additional $16.