SDCC: Come Get Some Evil Dead 4

All right you primitive screwheads, listen up?there was a lot of awesome news from the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, but none more awesome than that Evil Dead 4 seems to finally be on its way. Gawker (!) reports that Sam Raimi himself said that Evil Dead 4 was “in the wheelhouse”?which, while I’m not 100% what that means, is certainly different from “someday.”

Now, I like to bitch and moan about a lot of things, but Evil Dead is not one of them. I don’t care if it takes place in the future or the past or that same cabin in the woods; I don’t care if Bruce Campell is 80 years of old or 300 pounds. You give me a movie with Bruce, a shotgun, a chainsaw and a few demons from hell, and all is right with the world.