A few months ago, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD license went from Rhino, who had been doing a fine job, to Shout Factory, who have been making absolute fantastic DVD releases of cult shows like Freaks and Geeks for the past several years. At the MST3K 20th Anniversary Reunion panel at SDCC, which I will always curse God for not letting me attend, they announced everything that will be in the set, which is genuinely impressive:

? Four episodes including two of the finest Sci-Fi Channel era one: Future War, in which a Jean Claude Van Damme lookalike is on the run from dinosaur puppets (held precariously close to the camera to appear large), and Werewolf, which besides making zero sense, stars three leads who don’t speak English as a first language, despite it being set in Arizona. It’s bliss.
? There other episodes include Laserblast?the final Comedy Central episode and last Dr. Forrester appearance?and First Spaceship on Venus, a Joel one I remember nothing about.
? But that’s not all! There are four lobby cards of the episode’s “posters,” all involving Crow and Servo.
? Plus, a ton of interviews with the staff, and footage of SDCC panel I missed, because God hates me. Which was moderated by Patton Oswalt.
? And last and most importantly, a statuette of Crow, which is the first MST3K robot item anyone can purchase, ever. This is staggeringly awesome because Tom Servo is surely next, and I have finally have my two favorite robots of all time on my desk.

Shout Factory, I’m just going to mail you a blank check. You write down whatever you want, and just keep these DVD sets a-comin’. Thanks.