Speed Racer’s Trixie Has a New Trick (Prostitution)

My apologies, folks. I had heard that Japan was getting Mach Girl, a brand-new faux-Speed Racer cartoon on the Japanese Cartoon Network, but it sounded so innately dull and doomed to failure that I didn’t report it. Then I was cruising past my obsessive fangirl/pal Gia’s lovely site, and saw what Mach Girl looked like (above) and realized I’d done you all a grave injustice.

Yes, clearly Mach Girl is about the adventures of one adorable but high-class prostitute and her adventures trying to race to her clients before other, less honorable harlots get there first. Sadly, despite my article title, she’s not actually Trxie?her name is Rip, despite the fact that that are literally thousands more hookers named Trixie than Rip. Some details are forever doomed to be lost in translation, I suppose.