DVD Day: August 26th, 2008

5102Trsv67L._SS400_.jpg? Heroes Season 2
Re-live the amazing adventures of amnesiac Peter, the barmaid he abandoned in the future, Hiro’s interminable saga in feudal Japan, and the ridiculous road trip with Sylar and the Blunder Twins. Available on Blu-ray, for those who need their Mohinder in hi-def.

? The Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimate Collector’s Set
If you’ve been waiting all your life for a Jack Skellington bust, today’s a good day for you. this set includes the movie, a DVD full of extras, a digital copy of the film, a bust (with removable Santa hat and beard) and way, way more. You can also get the DVD bust-less (or on Blu-ray), if you’re so inclined.

? Afro Samurai Season One
I really wanted Afro Samurai to be totally awesome, but somehow, it didn’t quite do it for me. Anyways, it’s all on conveniently on one Blu-ray disc.

? Brotherhood of the Wolf
The only French-kung fu-giant rampaging wolf-period piece-based on a true story-movie where Monica Belluci’s breasts turn into mountains. This movie is fucking awesome. This is a 2-disc version of the awesome 3-disc version Canada got?with an extra 10-minute director’s cut, among other things.

? Terry Prachett’s Discworld Collection
This set includes the two British animated versions of Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music. Pratchett fans love ’em, but I’ve known few Pratchett fans who could discriminate among his projects.

? Postal
Uwe Boll’s not-universally-condemned masterpiece finally comes to DVD. At #59 on Amazon’s list best-selling DVDs released this week, it’s selling better than The Best of Penis Massage (#66)…but only barely.