ELA Learns Why You Should Never Trust a Cube

I have no idea what this is, what’s it’s for, why it was made, but I can’t stop watching. Let me try to summarize: So there’s a girl named ELA, who uses the She-Ra transforming animation to get a weird outfit which is 20% pink CG and 80% just her in her underwear. She flies to the moon (or a moon, I’m not sure) where she kills many, many Space Invaders with little eyebrows, and you get a really good look at her butt. And then she calls a giant yellow eagle, and rides it for at least a full minute until she meets…the Cube, and things really get fucked-up. It might be a parody of old-school cartoons and Tron and those batshit fantasy/sci-fi movies of the ’70s,, but if so, then, why spend so damn long riding the eagle? The weirdness plays out just like some drug-addled movie, which I guess makes it more of a homage, although I will admit the Wendy Carlos-esque music is a nice touch. Look, I can’t explain it any better than that. Just watch it.