Fan Fiction Friday: The Animaniacs in “Yakko and Dot’s Weekend”

dot2.jpgLast week, a few commenters bitched and moaned how the recent spate of “FFFs” haven’t been fucked up enough for them. I’m so sorry. I had no idea you guys liked it so rough. I’d been trying to break up the hardcore sexual deviancy with general weirdness in order to give you guys a break (along with my my own rapidly deteriorating psyche). Well, no more. My new goal in “FFF” is to fucking punish you like Buffy punished Dawn. It begins…now.

Dot went to her room and got her pajamas. She then went to the bathroom to change. She placed her pj’s on the sink and then pulled her pink skirt off. She was wearing white silk panties underneath. Dot slipped those off as well. Then she unhooked her top and let it fall to the floor. Dot was had to wear a top now because her breasts were starting to develop. When she was fully naked she looked at herself in the mirror. Dot was becoming fascinated with her body becuase she was just starting puberty and she had just began masturbating a couple of months back. She continued looking in the mirror, staring at the reflection of her [NAUGHTY BITS]. Then she turned her attention towards her tits. They were only A-cups, but she had large puffy nipples. She then turned around and looked over her left shoulder to see the reflection of her butt. Her butt was small, but plump. … She erected her tail and placed both of her hands on her cheeks and spead them apart, giving her a view of her [NAUGHTY BITS]. “I’d give anything for a nice hard cock to penetrate me.” Dot said softly to herself, then sighed.

I hear you, baby! And I’m sure my incest-loving reader agree. Hit the jump for round 2.

With Wakko gone to a hotdog eating contest, Yakko tucks Dot in for the night. But when a storm wakes her up only a few hours later, she leaves her room to ask to stay in Yakko’s room.

When she arrived to the room, she noticed Yakko was sitting on the couch watching the televison. She was behind the couch and she could see the T.V. or Yakko’s body. She casually walked closer to the couch. Dot was about to say something to Yakko when she noticed what he was watching. It was a porno. The porn was a caucasian blonde-haired woman giving a blowjob to a black man. Dot ducked down behind the couch, scared that her brother might see her. “So this is why he never let me stay up with him.” Dot thought to herself. She could hear her brother moaning and it was starting to turn her on.

I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed that the normally zany Yakko’s taste in pornography runs to something so pedestrian as white chicks, black dicks. Still, to each his own. Anyways, Yakko catches Dot watching?and not realizing she’s been masturbating furiously herself?attempts to tuck her into bed again. Needless to say, things take a turn for the saucy.

After a few seconds she remover her lips from her brothers. Yakko looked at Dot with a slightly stunned look on his face. “What was that for?” Yakko asked. “For tucking me in, twice.” Dot said with a seducitve look on her face. She then leaned in closer and started to whisper in Yakko’s ear. “Also for being too damn fucking sexy and having a cock that I would love slammed into me.” Yakko’s face turned bright red at this comment.
“D-Dot, I’m your own brother.”

“Exactly. There is noone else on this planet who I would feel safer with than you, Yakko.” Dot said as she layed down on her stomach and rested her head on her left hand.

After some of the standard hemming and hawing from the brother?which I’m terrified to realize is standard in these incest stories?they get down to incredibly graphic business. I’m still not so far gone as to quote the bits describing their sex in all its glory, but here’s a quote that sums it all up nicely.

“I can tell you like it rough, let’s try something you might like.” Yakko said grinning. “It’s called ‘face-fucking’, pretty self-explanitory.”

So in the end, Dot does learn an important lesson amidst all the fucking?and alas for poor Wakko, who has to content himself with just gorging on hot dogs. If you want to read the full story from author House Of Cards?with contains a lengthy description of Yakko’s penis, besides their interminable foreplay?be my guest. It’s zany…to the max.