Fan Fiction Friday: Movie Superman in “A Weekend in Lois Lane”

superman_returns_01.jpgAfter last week’s sex-pollen saga, you’d be forgiven if you thought me trying to pick on DC characters. I was actually trying to hunt for a movie fan fiction, when the above title?along with the fact it takes place during Superman Returns?caught my eye. Well, it just happened to be special enough that I had to run it. All you need to know/remember is that Lois is married to a guy named Richard (played by Cyclops). Let’s watch!

?I?m not sure I?m following you,? Clark said but there was something in his expression that told Richard he understood just fine.

Richard sighed. This was going to be harder than he?d hoped. ?Once a month Lois and I have a ?date? weekend. We send Jason off with his grandparents or his aunt and uncle so we can have some time to ourselves. We go camping?? He smiled at the memory of their last camping trip. He?d laid her sleeping bag out in the sunshine, blindfolded her, tied her out spread-eagled and took her right there, telling her that hikers had stopped to watch and were thinking of joining in. She had gotten so incredibly hot at the idea that people were watching. He was getting hot just thinking about it.

?So, what do you need from me?? Clark asked.

?Look, ever since Superman showed up, things haven?t been the same between me and Lois,? Richard admitted. ?This happens to be our date weekend and I promised to surprise her with something she?d never expect.? He paused, studying Clark?s reaction before continuing. ?I want to surprise her with you.?

The house of White-Lane enjoys threesomes and bondage, but thank goodness they take the time to send little Jason away. Clark obviously says yes to Richard’s unique offer, although it’s out of “curiousity.” And when the date night comes, Richard leads ol’ Clark down the fuck room (it’s soundproof).

Lois was naked except for a blindfold, a leather collar with a tiny gold lock on it, and furry cuffs on her ankles and wrists. The cuffs were attached to steel bars and the bars were secured to cables and eyebolts set into the wall at the head of the bed. She was laying on the bed, a pillow under her back and her buttocks on the edge of the mattress. But her feet were being held in the air over her head, exposing her tight round ass and [NAUGHTY BITS] to the view of anyone standing in the doorway.

Clark wasn?t really into bondage scenes. It smacked too much of the horrors he?d seen in warzones, in countries where torture was the norm. But seeing Lois bound, exposed, available? He had a hard on just thinking about it.

What happens next is just…super! Hit the jump.

?Richard, who was at the door?? Lois asked and Clark felt his heart leap in his chest.

?Did I give you permission to speak?? Richard asked, swatting her exposed buttocks with his open palm. The slap left a red mark against her pale skin.

Lois Lane is played by Kate Bosworth. It’s probably not important, but I thought it worth mentioning. Just before the festivities, Clark and Richard stop to discuss the sociologicaly implications of their fuckery.

?They say that people who have high pressure jobs frequently find voluntary sexual submissiveness to be very liberating,? Clark said. He was sure he sounded like a sociology teacher, but Richard didn?t seem to mind. ?But are you sure???

?Clark, we all have our fantasies. Mine? I want to watch you fuck her,? Richard said. ?I want to be able to watch my slut being enjoyed by another man. I want to know I have the power to simply give her [NAUGHTY BITS] over to someone as a gift.?

Clark tried not to show his surprise as Richard?s vulgarity. It was a side to the man he hadn?t expected. But then, he hadn?t expected to walk in and see Lois bound, gagged and ready to be taken. ?That sounds a little? I don?t know? Sick?? Clark said.

?Believe it or not, even though she?s bound and gagged, this is her show. She can stop it at any time,? Richard said. ?She can press the panic button in her hand, or use her safe word and it stops right there. She knows that no matter what, my job is to keep her safe.? He tapped his ear and Clark realized the other man was wearing an ear bud. ?Even if I?m not in the room with her, I?m listening.?

?So, you?re saying she actually wants this? She wants you to watch her having sex with another man??

?That?s part of the game. Although I do admit I upped the ante on her. She didn?t think I?d do it, but I know you want to do her. That?s why I asked you. I may even take pictures. And then, if you?re game, we?ll let her watch as I fuck you.?

The fucking begins in earnest, which I’ll spare you. Suffice to say, toys are used. But suddenly, drama!

?Stay there,? Richard ordered from behind him. The man was astonishingly quiet, or maybe it was the ambiance of the room, and what he was doing, that had kept him from realizing that Richard had moved. He pulled off Clark?s glasses, slipped a blindfold over his eyes and tied it. Clark knew that a blindfold wouldn?t keep him from seeing if he chose to ? until he tried and discovered he couldn?t. Did Richard suspect the truth about him? The blindfold was lined with lead.

And then Richard fucks him in the ass, while he has sex with Lois. The end! Feel free to read the full, unedited version by author Dandello here. I’ll be buying and burning every copy of Superman Returns I can get my hands on, although admittedly, I was going to do that anyways.