Dragonball Movie’s Piccolo Revealed, Final Nail Driven Into Coffin

I’m not going to spoil James Marsters as Piccolo’s appearance for whatever of you poor, deluded souls still have some semblance of hope for the live-action Dragonball movie, but suffice to say, the above movie poster is a potent clue. Hit the jump for the big surprise.

Ha! The surprise is that Piccolo really does look just like Powder, the albino/Robert Sean Leonard Sean Patrick Flannery smash hit of 19-something -or-other. I’m not at all concerned about the lack of head tentacles, actually, but I was trying to figure out if Piccolo actually had a slight green tint to him, and then I realized the fact I was debating it means that someone has failed spectacularly. Again?DB fans want the regular characters with their regular looks. I don’t think a bone-white Piccolo is going to appeal to a broader audience than a green one. So why the fuck bother changing this stuff?