DVD Day: September 16th, 2008

61nNArX8RNL._SS500_.jpgBig DVD Day today, but I’m saving my rupees for The Force Unleashed. Be warned?The Love Guru also comes out today, and if you think there’s any chance you might accidentally by it, you might want to just stay home. And cut off your hands.

? Speed Racer
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the Wachowski brothers that they thought America wanted hundred-million-dollar but slavish adaptation of an old ’60s Japanese cartoon, but they were clearly wrong. Still, I’m excited to get this on Netflix and give it a watch, since I doubt I’ll be sober when I do.

? Torchwood Season 2
I’m told this is “Bi-sexual Doctor Who,” but you guys can correct me in the comments.

? Avatar The Last Airbender Complete Book 3
Avatar is likely the best cartoon (for kids) being made in America, and yet I’m still not watching it. Sad, really.

? Beetlejuice 20th Anniversary Edition
For some reason, knowing that Beetlejuice came out 20 years ago makes me horrifically old.

? Chuck The Complete First Season
Not a bad show, not a great show. But it does keep Firefly‘s Adam Baldwin employed, which is a very good thing.

? Dragonball Z Season 6
The Cell Games. Don’t forget, these seasons are in that faux widescreen, meaning they cut off the tops and bottoms of the cels to fit widescreen TVs, and thus often lose heads and mouths.

? Death Note
The hit Japanese live-action movie of my favorite anime made in the last five years.

? Star Trek: Alternate Realities
Five discs of 20 episodes of bizarro-world nuttiness, including “Mirror, Mirror.” Admittedly, the DVD is totally sweet.

? Duckman Seasons 1 & 2
I have two memories of Duckman, that it was totally hilarious and obnoxiously grating. I have no idea which memory is more correct.

? Rocko’s Modern Life Volume 1
One of our “Best Cartoons Not on DVD” comes to DVD, apparently only at Amazon. It’s not much, but it looks like this is the best it’s going to get for Rocko. Volume 2 also releases today.

? Never Cry Werewolf
You were going to cry werewolf, weren’t you? You jackass! Never cry werewolf! Starring Kevin Sorbo, of course.