The High Point of Wonder Woman’s Film Career Is a Fan-Made Poster

Newsarama pointed out this swell fan-made Wonder Woman movie poster, which I thought worth sharing with you guys. Topless Robot has previously pointed out a lot of the problems inherent in Wonder Woman’s character and origin, which makes her particular road to the box office much harder than her male counterparts Batman and Superman, But whoever made this poster did many things right, not least of which is turning the top portion of WW’s costume into a more Greco-Roman, leather breastplate, which matches fabulously with her Amazonian origins (note: and not some big-ass suit of armor, as she’s worn in the comics from time to time). It’s such a simple, natural solution, I have to assume someone else has thought of it before, and I’m just unaware of it.

Also, while the tagline may be a little silly, it’s about a billion times better than anything DC or Warner Bros. is currently using for the Wonder Woman straight-to-DVD cartoon movie. I hope someone at either company is paying attention here.