Innocent Scouttrooper Pays the Ultimate Price for Neglectful Fianc

Warning: the above video contains graphic violence, committed against a totally innocent Scouttrooper on Speederbike statue (which I believe, terrifyingly, is an $800, 1:4 scale Sideshow statue) by a disgruntled fianc?e. Now, I’m not going to defend a dude who blows all his money on toys, Vegas trips and strippers, when he hasn’t provided his bride-to-be with an engagement ring, because that’s just asking for trouble, and if he’s buying all the nice Star Wars statues from Sideshow, he’s clearly got plenty of disposable income. But it’s hard to watch a beautiful, high-end collectible pay the price for his fuck-up. The next time you fight with your significant other, please, please?think of the toys, won’t you?