Will Smith Is (Maybe Possibly) Captain America


…during an MTV News interview regarding his role in ?Miracle at St. Anna,? actor Derek Luke let slip that a very prominent – and surprising – face could be the star of Marvel Studios? next blockbuster film. ?I heard they offered Will Smith ?Captain America,?? said Luke, adding that the intriguing casting rumor ?just shows you how times have changed.?

Okay. Let’s work through this together.
? I don’t even know who Derek Luke is, let alone why he would know what Marvel or
Will Smith is up to. I imagine his “Hollywood sources” are much in line with Julie Newmar’s, which is to say her cats. In fact, Newmar’s cats may also be talking to Luke directly. Somebody needs to check on these cats. The point is, there’s no reason to trust Luke’s word on this.
? If Will Smith has been offered the part, I can’t imagine he won’t take it. He might be busy, but he’s not going to say no because he’s not white enough. Him taking the role would be a seriously big deal in the world of race and mass media, let alone our little nerd/comics world.
? If you publicly disagree with this potential casting, someone will call you a racist. I’ve been trying to figure out some kind of excuse as to why this isn’t so, but I’ve come up with nothing. I’ll keep you posted.
? Actually, we’re all probably racist. I don’t see how we can get around this.
? If Will Smith does end up as Cap, Black Panther is totally screwed.