Goofy T&A Flick Gets Immensely Talented Directors

For so many nerds, the Heavy Metal movie was a major cinematic event in our lives, as it contained copious amounts of violence and nudity, and yet was a cartoon. Before the hentai anime craze of the early ’90s, this blew our fucking minds, and allowed to overlook the fact that Heavy Metal was both a terrible movie, and made no damn sense.

Ye olde TR readers know that there’s a new Heavy Metal movie on the way, but /Film has an announcement from publisher Kevin Eastman, who re-confirms that Fight Club and Se7en’s David Fincher was be directing a segment, but also Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Gore Verbinksi and 300 and Watchmen‘s Zack Snyder. I’m firmly betting all three of these dudes watched Heavy Metal before the legally required age of 18, and their fond memories of hilariously large, animated boobs are the reasons they’ve signed up, because I don’t think Heavy Metal will be high on the Academy’s must-watch list. Still, since Heavy Metal is nothing but high-action, low-thought guns n’ breasts, I can’t imagine how the Zack Snyder haters (*cough* cKHAVIKk Friginator *cough*) will find him unsuitable for this.