Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Nissan Pivo

Sorry, nothing needlessly disgusting from the Japanese today?unless you count this super-cute, super-compact car as disgusting. With its adorable, talking robot head mounted on the dashboard, it certainly gets close to disgustingly cute, but, unfortunately, it’s kind of useful, too.

The Nissan Pivo 2 electric concept car runs entirely on advanced compact lithium-ion batteries and boasts a rotating cabin – doing away with the need for a reverse gear. The Pivo 2 comes with a highly innovative Robotic Agent that enables you to carry out conversations in either Japanese or English should you be traveling alone. A unique interface makes it easy to communicate with the Pivo 2 including basic vehicle functions and the nearest available parking. Those who hate parallel parking can get off scot-free this time with the Pivo 2 since each wheel can turn through 90 degrees, letting you drive sideways like a crab.

I promise you Nissan’s going to sell a million of these in Japan, mostly to women who will adorn them with glitter and Hello Kitty stickers and the like, but also to men who have contemplated suicide after trying to parallel park in Tokyo. Thanks to uncle Jesse for the tip.