Happy New Year, Japanese Thriller-Style

Happy New Year to you, Topless Roboteers! I’m ending my last half-assed day of the half-assed work week (result as previously mentioned in the comments: quarter-assed) with this spectacular video, which should disturb you as much as little Skip’s advances have seemed to disturb young Peter Parker below. It is a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and if you think it’s going to be odd because the girl is played by one of those Japanese anime girl humping-pillows, that…that’s not even going to make the Top 10 of weird, horrifying, brain-liquefying things that are wrong in this video. It is technically Safe For Work, but I warn you that any boss with any kind of sense of morality would fire you if he/she caught you watching this video. For those who survive–my utmost apologies, and I’ll see you in ’09–January 5th at 9am EST sharp. Be there and be square, baby.