TR’s Heroes Live-Blog XI: It All Comes Together

Just a reminder–join myself, the incomparable comment-approving machine CTrees, and a host of bad-tempered TR readers tonight at 8:50 pm EST to watch the final (thank Yahweh!) episode of Heroes
for 2008. It will conclude the baffling “Villains” arc and reveal the
fate of Papa Petrelli’s evil plan, which Kabir put so eloquently on

Okay, so he wants a formula to make people have powers, but why? Also,
he can time travel and warp but still seems to need help from others.
Basically, he is the ultimate super villain but is weirdly inept (and
yet still, he is more competent than anyone). Okay back to his plan – oh
wait, despite watching every episode I don’t think I can really explain

Actually, I don’t know if anyone actually knows what his plan is, so maybe this doesn’t count as an entry.

Forget the t-shirt – Just thinking about this gives me a headache. I am going to go drink some scotch.

A man after my own liver heart. See you there, kids.