TR Contest: Most Disappointing Action Figure Ever

MerManComplete1a.jpgSuch was my thrill it being back last week that I utterly forgot about the Topless Robot t-shirt contest. You have my utmost apologies, Topless Roboteers. Obviously, the only way I can make it up to you is by giving away two shirts this weekend to the two best entries that tell me the Most Disappointing Action Figure ever. Actually, this open to any vehicle or playset too, so go for the gusto. Hell, as long as it’s a toy and shafted you (so to speak) it’s fair game.

As always, here are the rules; if you have any questions, I’ll be checked the thread periodically to answer ’em. Oh, and I’ll be giving bonus points for how emotionally crushed you were. So if the fact that Mer-Man didn’t look anything like he did on the back of the package made you cut yourself and write emo music, you may be a winner. Because god knows you need some help.