Why, Hello There, Mr. Devastator from Transformers 2

No, that’s not him. He’s after the jump, because I don’t want to spoil anybody. The short version is he doesn’t look bad, although I’m not exactly sure how good he looks, either. But why don’t you see for yourself?


And here he is, thanks to the eagle eyes of TR contributor Kevin Guhl and Now, if you recall the unicycle robot from the Super Bowl trailer, which was like three times the size of Optimus, it’s not hard to figure out that bastard is huge. Enormous. And you can kind of see the different construction vehicles that make him up, which is cool, although I don’t know what’s going on with his head.

Now, what bothers me — because there has to be something that bothers me — is the way he’s built like King Kong; arms that drag to the ground, small legs, hunched over back with head jutting forward. I prefer the more humanoid robot looks of the original Transformers, although I’m fully willing to admit this is a personal preference, and can find no real reason to crap on this new Devastator. Can you? (Also, on a side note, will Hasbro even be able to make a Devastator toy that’s even slightly in scale with the other movie toys? I doubt it, right?)