Star Trek Movie Thinks Your Dad’s a Nerd

This would make sense if they were talking to the offspring of this family. But in actuality, this commercial aired during NBA basketball games on TNT this weekend, meaning the movie’s marketers think people who watch professional sports have fathers that are nerds… I guess? It’s all just very weird. I just can’t imagine the section of the population who watches pro sports and has nerdy father’s is very large. I mean, I’m a nerd, and I watch pro football, but my dad has probably never seen an episode of Star Trek in his life. He doesn’t have a Star Trek. At all.

Actually, I find it hilarious that the Trek marketing is using such a cliched, inappropriate line in order to get mass audiences to the movie. I think it’s smart for them to go after non-nerds, but I think they need to try slightly harder than “not your father’s Star Trek.” Maybe, “not your nerdy, anti-social brother’s Star Trek.” Or, “not that fat guy with the long hair who kept reading Dungeons & Dragons manuals in the student union’s Star Trek.”