Videogame Video Trifecta: Final Fantasy XIII, Wolverine, Bayonetta

? Here is a play-through of the first 10 minutes of the Final Fantasy XIII demo. To use an applicable line from The Venture Bros, it’s like getting sucked off by an angel. There more videos at Joystiq, and thanks to Zach R for the tip.

? Sorry for the extra dose of Wolverine, but this “Gambit” video — which does indeed feature Gambit — also features a Sentinel. This was much more exciting to me before the FFXIII video.

 ? Bayonetta looks like a Devil May Cry-type game, where you’re a witch in improbable clothes who can turns into a jaguar in improbable clothes. Although Sega’s game only looks so-so and gthe story seems ludicrously silly and I’m historically, thoroughly awful at DMC, I’m afraid I’ll buy anyways it because I’m a sucker for girls in glasses.