McFarlane Redefines “Delusions of Grandeur”


MTV’s Splashpage has another stunning exclusive: Spawn creator Todd McFarlane says he pictures Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead in the next Spawn movie.

Yeah. Just let that sink in a little.

Now, you might think the fact that McFarlane wants the sequel movie to be about a cop chasing Spawn and not Spawn (because that’s exactly what the 12 people who might still be looking forward to a Spawn movie would want, less Spawn in it) and that he sees DiCaprio as the cop mitigates the insanity of this somewhat, but no. It doesn’t. The people who are allowed to “picture” DiCaprio in anything and have it be legitimate is incredibly limited, and mostly to top-tier Hollywood directors. When Todd McFarlane says it, it’s not news, it’s a sign he’s utterly lost touch with reality, which he was only tenuously grasping anyways since he thought he’d be making a second Spawn film anyways. It’s all kind of sad, really.

In a related story, I’ve pictured wrestling Diora Baird for the WWE Championship Belt in a vat of baby oil. I honestly think my odds are at least as good as McFarlane’s of getting DiCaprio.