Watch Transformers 2 for Free!

This is my last Transformers 2 post unless something insane and/or newsworthy happens. Swear to god. You can read about the making of the clip here; it’s pretty funny. Also, the Zombie Haiku winners will be announced tomorrow morning; sorry, but that was a lot of haiku.

Back to TF2 and Topless Robot‘s twisted fate, I’d like to say thanks to: 1) everyone who complemented me on my TF2 FAQ, 2) everyone who liked the movie but didn’t feel compelled to tell me to go fuck myself for disliking it, and 3) everyone who defended my honor from the mean, Bay-loving people who arrived at TR en masse and got so bizarrely, personally offended when I pointed out certain inconsistencies regarding the film’s plot. You are awesome people, and it’s all been very much appreciated.

To the rest of you, I would like to point out that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen made $387 million bucks despite the mean things I said about it last Friday. I think you can settle down now.