Michael Jackson’s Private Arcade Was Sweet


Look, I’ve already said my peace on Michael Jackson’s death and career, but I thought it was worthwhile to tell you about an online, panoramic tour of Jackson’s private arcade, stocked with most of the best arcade games of the ’90s, several that I’m pretty sure he had to import from Japan, and statues of everyone from Spider-Man to Batman to C-3PO, plus a Darth Vader made of Legos. Apparently, most of it’s already been auctioned off. He also has the Zoltar machine from Big, which seems pretty obvious, actually. Check out the tour here — it’s a little slow, because it’s getting linked all over the place.

I’m just saying, if I had to get molested as a kid, I’d prefer to spend time in this sweet-ass arcade afterwards for several hours of free-play as opposed to getting molested and not spending time here. Just saying. (Via Gizmodo)