Once Gremlins Are Involved, Don’t You Have Worse Problems Than Worrying If They’re On Drugs?

This is pretty much the most insane PSA I’ve ever seen. First of all, it’s from Gremlins, which really didn’t have much of a moralistic bent other than “take care of your goddamn pets.” Second, it stars the old Chinese dude who sold Gizmo, cradling Gizmo tenderly and softly telling him — Gizmo — the goddamn Mogwai — that he shouldn’t drink or smoke or do drugs, because… I don’t know. Third, it’s cut with footage of the Gremlins drinking and smoking, but since the Gremlins don’t do drugs in the movie, they use the footage of the Gremlin with its fucking flesh melting off, as if to say, “Kids, if you do drugs, your flesh will fucking melt off.” It’s so, so insane, and even worse when you think the whole thing might be a delusion of a senile old Chinese man. In reality, he’s probably talking to a Cabbage Patch doll, or possibly a dead rat.