Square Enix Isn’t Just for Square Enix


Square Enix doesn’t just make-a da videogames — they also make-a da pretty decent action figures, a fact I’m well aware of given my crippling disability that forces me to buy anything with the words “Final Fantasy” printed on it. Now, apparently, Square is branching out to other videogame figures — they just announced they’ll be branching out from their own properties to do Resident Evil 5‘s Chris Redfield and Sheva from Capcom, due later this December.

I think this is awesome. I’m almost certainly biased, but I think Square makes some great toys — good sizes (8-inches tall), great sculpts, decent articulaton and they’re pretty cheap, if you’ve been collecting anime toys for the last decade and have generally paid a lot more for a lot less (which is to say $20-25). I don’t really need more Resident Evil figures at this point, but I really hope this means Square will do some more Capcom figures like Darkstalkers, Strider or Dead Rising. Hell, it’ll probably never happen, but a genuinely anime-style line of Marvel superheroes from the Marvel Vs. Capcom games would rock my world. Any requests?