The Sci-Fi Channel Is Dead; Grumble Grumble Syfy

Sorry, I can’t exactly bring myself to say “long live Syfy,” mainly because it’s a name that reeks of brand marketing instead of creativity. Plus, it sounds likes how a 2-year-old would mispronounce “syphilis,” and I try not to watch any television associated with venereal diseases (which is not coincidentally why I don’t watch those “Real Housewives” shows).

But it appears that this distaste is a mutual thing. If you watch the above promo video that Syfy made for themselves, showing off “their new home,” you’ll see that the new Syfy is filled with hipster douchebags, apparently the channel’s new target audience. As nerdy douchebag, it appears I’m not invited (my only regret — not hanging out with Tracy Morgan and his huge remote control dinosaur). I guess I’ll go imagine greater somwhere else.