The SDCC Kick-Ass Clips Are… Well, You Know

Why did it take over a week for these crappy bootleg videos of the live-action movie of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass shown at Comic Con to make it onto the nettertubes? I have no idea. But still, these clips (see the other three over at Worst Previews) are pretty damned swell, although I prefer the clip above since it features Hit Girl. I have a thing for adorable assassins, what can I say? It’s why I own two copies of The Professional. Still, the fact that no studio has picked the film for an actual release is kind of troubling — as you might know, it’s all being financed by director Matthew Vaughn at the moment. But I can’t decide if mass audiences want or are even ready for a movie of Mark Millar’s Mark Millar-iest comic. Will it — or should it — go straight to DVD? What do you think?